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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2021The deformation rate sensitivities of additively and conventionally fabricated 316L alloysEnser, Samed 
2022Dementia diagnosis by ensemble deep neural networks using FDG-PET scansYiğit, Altuğ; Baştanlar, Yalın ; Işık, Zerrin
Dec-2020Design and development of paper-based microfluidics for point-of-care applicationsÖzefe, Fatih 
Dec-2020Design and fabrication of a wearable, flexible pulse oximeterAydın, Ahmed 
Jul-2022Design and fabrication of polymer micro/nano composites with two-level mechanical reinforcing procedureKandemir, Ayşe Çağıl; Dönmez, Fatma; Davut, Kemal ; Kaplan Can, Hatice
Jul-2021Design and optimization of shaft bracket of drum brake for heavy duty vehicleÇetin, Mert 
Dec-2021Design and synthesis of a BODIPY based probe for cadmium ionsCebeci, Miray
Dec-2021Design and synthesis of a BODIPY based probe for mercury ionsTütüncü, Büşra Buse 
Dec-2020Design of centrifugal blood pumpSarızeybek, Ceren 
Dec-2020Design of deployable structures comprising Altmann linkagesYıldız, Görkem
Dec-2020Design of public open spaces in historical districts: The case of UrlaKocaman, Melis 
Dec-2021Design optimization of an industrial oven heat exchangerNergiz, Güven
Dec-2021Design, prototyping and tests of a rollable ramp for temporary useDoğan Kumtepe, Elvan; Kiper, Gökhan 
2022Designing healthier cities. An empirical study of the ecosystem functioning and mortality in the districts of Turin (Italy)Salata, Stefano 
Jul-2022The designing of a gel formulation with chitosan polymer using liposomes as nanocarriers of amphotericin B for a non-invasive treatment model of cutaneous leishmaniasisGürbüz, Nergiz ; Çetin Uyanıkgil, Emel Öykü; Özbel, Yusuf; Töz, Seray
Mar-2022Designing with ecosystem modelling: The sponge district application in İzmir, TurkeySalata, Stefano ; Arslan, Bertan
2022Detailed investigation of three-dimensional modeling and printing technologies from medical images to analyze femoral head fractures using finite element analysisÇıklacandır, Samet; Mihçin, Şenay ; İşler, Yalçın
2022Detection and analysis of drought over Turkey with remote sensing and model-based drought indicesKhorrami, Behnam; Gündüz, Orhan 
Mar-2021Detection of the metastatic potential of breast cancer cell lines to specific target tissuesFıratlıgil Yıldırır, Burcu 
Jun-2022Detection of vinegar adulteration with spirit vinegar and acetic acid using UV–visible and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopyÇavdaroğlu, Çağrı ; Özen, Banu