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Jul-2010Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of turkish extra virgin olive oilsKaraosmanoğlu, Hande; Soyer, Ferda ; Özen, Banu ; Tokatlı, Figen 
2020Authentication of Turkish olive oils by using detailed pigment profile and spectroscopic techniquesUncu, Oğuz ; Özen, Banu ; Tokatlı, Figen 
Dec-2014Authenticity of wines made with economically important grape varieties grown in Anatolia by their phenolic profilesŞen, İlknur ; Tokatlı, Figen 
Mar-2014Characterization and classification of Turkish wines based on elemental compositionŞen, İlknur ; Tokatlı, Figen 
2014Characterization and classification of wines from grape varieties grovn in TurkeyŞen, İlknur 
May-2011Classification of Turkish extra virgin olive oils by a SAW detector electronic noseKadiroğlu, Pınar; Korel, Figen ; Tokatlı, Figen 
Aug-2008Classification of Turkish olive oils with respect to cultivar, geographic origin and harvest year, using fatty acid profile and mid-IR spectroscopyGürdeniz, Gözde; Özen, Fatma Banu ; Tokatlı, Figen 
2008Classification of Turkish virgin olive oils based on their phenolic profilesOcakoğlu, Derya
1-Dec-2016Combination of visible and mid-infrared spectra for the prediction of chemical parameters of winesŞen, İlknur ; Öztürk, Burcu; Tokatlı, Figen ; Özen, Banu 
Feb-2010Comparison of fatty acid profiles and mid-infrared spectral data for classification of olive oilsGürdeniz, Gözde; Özen, Banu ; Tokatlı, Figen 
Oct-2014Comparison of some chemical parameters of a naturally debittered olive (Olea europaea L.) type with regular olive varietiesAktaş, Ayşe Burcu; Özen, Banu ; Tokatlı, Figen ; Şen, İlknur 
2007Differentiation of mixtures of monovarietal olive oils by mid-infrared spectroscopy and chemometricsGürdeniz, Gözde; Tokatlı, Figen ; Özen, Fatma Banu 
1-Feb-2016Differentiation of wines with the use of combined data of UV-visible spectra and color characteristicsŞen, İlknur ; Tokatlı, Figen 
Nov-2017Discriminative capacities of infrared spectroscopy and e-nose on Turkish olive oilsJolayemi, Olusola Samuel; Tokatlı, Figen ; Buratti, Susanna; Alamprese, Cristina
Mar-2009Distribution of simple phenols, phenolic acids and flavonoids in Turkish monovarietal extra virgin olive oils for two harvest yearsOcakoğlu, Derya; Tokatlı, Figen ; Özen, Fatma Banu ; Korel, Figen 
2012Effect of CO2 concentration and temperature on growth rate and lipid content of isochrysis galbanaUmdu, Sabrettin
Dec-2016Effect of harvest time, malaxation tempetature and olive variety on the chemical characteristics of olive oilsJolayemi, Olusola Samuel
2009Effect of storage time on olive oil qualityYıldırım, Gaye
Apr-2005Effects of hot rehydration in the presence of hydrogen peroxide on microbial quality, texture, color, and antioxidant activity of cold-stored intermediate-moisture sun-dried figsDemirbüker Kavak, Dilek ; Arcan, İskender; Tokatlı, Figen ; Yemecioğlu, Ahmet
15-Nov-2016Effects of malaxation temperature and harvest time on the chemical characteristics of olive oilsJolayemi, Olusola Samuel; Tokatlı, Figen ; Özen, Banu