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May-2018Analytical dynamic analysis of a kinesthetic haptic deviceDede, Mehmet İsmet Can ; Maaroof, Omar Waleed Najm; Ceccarelli, Marco
6-Jun-2018Design and simulation of a novel hybrid leg mechanism for walking machinesDemirel, Murat ; Carbone, Giuseppe; Ceccarelli, Marco; Kiper, Gökhan 
Feb-2023Design of a novel hybrid cable-constrained parallel leg mechanism for biped walking machinesDemirel, Murat ; Kiper, Gökhan ; Carbone, Giuseppe; Ceccarelli, Marco
2017Experimental verification of quasi-static equilibrium analysis of a haptic deviceGörgülü, İbrahimcan ; Maaroof, Omar Waleed Najm; Taner, Barış; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can ; Ceccarelli, Marco
2014Kinematic analysis validation and calibration of a haptic interfaceDede, Mehmet İsmet Can ; Taner, Barış; Bilgincan, Tunç ; Ceccarelli, Marco
2022Modeling a magneto-rheological fluid-based brake via a neural network methodKüçükoğlu, Sefa Furkan ; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can ; Ceccarelli, Marco