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Title: Gas phase fragmentation behavior of proline in macrocyclic b7 ions
Authors: Taşoğlu, Çağdaş
Arslanoğlu, Alper
Yalçın, Talat
Keywords: Proline
Peptide fragmentation
Scramblingof sequence
Nondirect sequence ions
ESI MS/MS mass spectrometry
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Abstract: Thefragmentation characteristics of b (7) ionsproduced from proline-containing heptapeptides have been studiedin detail. The study has utilized the following C-terminally amidatedmodel peptides: PA(6), APA(5), A(2)PA(4), A(3)PA(3), A(4)PA(2), A(5)PA, A(6)P, PYAGFLV, PAGFLVY, PGFLVYA, PFLVYAG,PLVYAGF, PVYAGFL, YPAGFLV, YAPGFLV, YAGPFLV, YAGFPLV, YAGFLPV, YAGFLVP,PYAFLVG, PVLFYAG, A(2)PXA(3), and A(2)XPA(3) (where X = C, D, F, G, L, V, and Y, respectively). The resultshave shown that b (7) ions undergo head-to-tailcyclization and form a macrocyclic structure. Under the collision-induceddissociation (CID) condition, it generates nondirect sequence ionsregardless of the position of the proline and the neighboring aminoacid residues. This study highlights the unusual and unique fragmentationbehavior of proline-containing heptapeptides. Following the head-to-tailcyclization, the ring opens up and places the proline residue in theN-terminal position while forming a regular oxazolone form of b (2) ions for all peptide series. Then, the fragmentationreaction pathway is followed by the elimination of proline with itsC-terminal neighbor residue as an oxazolone (e.g., PXoxa) for all proline-containing peptide series.
ISSN: 1044-0305
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