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2008High temperature superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-x transitation edge bolometers (TEBs) for infrared regionGünel, Hacı Yusuf
2006High temperature superconducting YBa2Cu3O7-δ thin flims and bolometersÖktem, Bülent
2007Higher curvature gravity in large extra dimension: phenomenological implicationsTanyıldızı, Şükrü Hanif
2009Higher order symplectic methods based on modified vector fieldesDemir, Duygu
2010Higher order symplectic methods for separable Hamiltonian equations master of scienceGündüz, Hakan
2007A historical analysis on the effects of experimental photography in industrial product advertising: Bauhaus SchoolKabukçu, Evrim
Jul-2019Historical development of Göztepe district in Izmir and preservation problems of its monumentsDüzcan, İpek
2006Hiv-1 regulatory gene dependent expression of a toxic geneYeğin, Zeynep
2014Homological objects of proper classes generated by simple modulesDurğun, Yılmaz
Jul-2021House price dynamics in izmir's neighborhoods: A comprehensive approachSayın, Zeynep Melike 
Jun-2019Housing production in the last thirty years and housing question of the poor in IzmirUysal, Ayça
2011Hovering-mode control of the glider-type unmanned underwater vehicleAytar, Erman Barış
2023How out-of-classroom activity areas and surrounding land uses affect students' feelings about coming school?: Cases in İzmirÖzkan, Tuba Nur
Jul-2023How to adapt to climate change? An analysis of ecosystem vulnerability in İzmir (Türkiye)Arslan, Bertan
Mar-2017Hybrid energy capacity of Turkey for small and micro scale energy productionYıldız, Mustafa
Dec-2022Hybrid renewable energy systems design for green campus-IZTECHRamazan, Beste
Dec-2019Hydraulic design optimization and performance evaluation for a dishwasherErik, Ömer Berhan
2007Hydrodynamic interaction in rotational flowÇağatay, Filiz
Dec-2022Hydrodynamic investigation of an innovative floating platform for offshore wind turbinesGirgin, Elif
Jul-2017Hydrogels and self-assemled nanostructures based on wool keratosePakkaner, Efecan