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Oct-2011Development of flexible antimicrobial packaging materials against Campylobacter jejuni by incorporation of gallic acid into zein-based filmsAlkan, Derya; Aydemir, Levent Yurdaer; Arcan, İskender; Yavuzdurmaz, Hatice; Atabay, Halil İbrahim; Ceylan, Çağatay ; Yemencioğlu, Ahmet
2019Development of flexible antimicrobial zein coatings with essential oils for the inhibition of critical pathogens on the surface of whole fruits: Test of coatings on inoculated melonsBoyacı, Derya; Iorio, Gianmarco; Sözbilen, Gözde Seval; Alkan, Derya; Trabattoni, Silvia; Pucillo, Flavia; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet 
2013Development of novel bio-based methods for inhibition of plant pathogensAlkan, Derya
Feb-2012Phenolic characterization and geographical classification of commercial extra virgin olive oils produced in TurkeyAlkan, Derya; Tokatlı, Figen ; Özen, Banu 
1-Apr-2016Potential application of natural phenolic antimicrobials and edible film technology against bacterial plant pathogensAlkan, Derya; Yemencioğlu, Ahmet