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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2007Odor evaluation of shrimp treated with different chemicals using an electronic nose and a sensory panelLuzuriaga, Diego A.; Korel, Figen ; Balaban, Murat Ömer
2017Physicochemical and sensorial properties of Sepet Cheeses packaged under different modified atmospheric conditionsAkpınar, Aslı; Yerlikaya, Oktay; Kınık, Özer; Uysal, Harun Raşit; Korel, Figen 
Sep-2011Physicochemical, textural, volatile, and sensory profiles of traditional Sepet cheeseErcan, Duygu; Korel, Figen ; Karagül Yüceer, Yonca; Kınık, Özer
2010Quality assessment of aquatic foods by machine vision, electronic nose, and electronic tongueKorel, Figen ; Balaban, Murat Ömer
Jun-2007Quality of flavored yogurt containing added coffee and sugarTan, Gürdal; Korel, Figen 
Oct-2014Quantification of Staphylococcus aureus in white cheese by the improved DNA extraction strategy combined with TaqMan and LNA probe-based qPCRKadiroğlu, Pınar; Korel, Figen ; Ceylan, Çağatay 
2008Risk assessment in miscellaneous food processing industries including producers of vegetables and spicesGüldaş, Metin; Ursu, Roxana; Lagouri, Vasiliki; Kısıkkaya, N. Aslı; Uyar, M. Fatih; Mokorel, Primoz; Türe, Hasan; Lee, Solmaz; Korel, Figen ; Karpiskova, Renata
2009Risk management of ready-to-eat meat products contaminated with listeria monocytogenesKorel, Figen 
2017Some physicochemical characteristics and aroma compounds of Izmir Tulum Cheese produced with different milk typesAkpınar, Aslı; Yerlikaya, Oktay; Kınık, Özer; Korel, Figen ; Kahraman, Cihan; Uysal, Harun Raşit
2016Usage of rice milk in probiotic yoghurt productionUzuner, Aydın Erdem; Kınık, Özer; Korel, Figen ; Yıldız, Gamze; Yerlikaya, Oktay
Jan-2017The volatile compounds, free fatty acid composition and microbiological properties of sepet cheese packaged with different modified atmosphere conditionsAkpınar, Aslı; Yerlikaya, Oktay; Kınık, Özer; Kahraman, Cihan; Korel, Figen ; Uysal, Harun Raşit