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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019Obtaining and characterization of artificial leather using different types of plasticizersAkkuş Altındağ, İffet
Jul-2016Obtaining underwater adhesive materials and characterization of their adhesive properties to different surfaces by ESR spectroscopyKırpat, İklima
Dec-2016Offloading strategies for heterogeneous wireless networksTuna, Evren
2014On ?-perfect and ?-semiperfect ringsKızılaslan, Gonca
Dec-2018On generalization of Hopfian modulesYaman, Mehmet
Jul-2019On improving the performance of repetitive leaning controllersÇobanoğlu, Necati
2000On primality testingTepeli, Murat
2013On pseudo semisimple ringsMutlu, Hatice
Jul-2019On relative projectivity of some classes of modulesAlagöz, Yusuf
Dec-2017On the pathway of whole blood analysis by portable ATR-IR and chemometricsKoç, Mert
2006On the predictability of time series by metric entropySevil, Hakkı Erhan
Jul-2018On the structure of modules characterized by opposites of injectivityAltınay, Ferhat
2004One dimensional photonic crystal waveguideSevim, Koray
2013Online time delay identification and adaptive control for general classes of nonlinear systemsBayrak, Alper
2014Ontology based qualitative information collectionKaysı, Ezgi
1999An operating system for data acquisition and control applicationsAyav, Tolga 
2012Operations on proper classes related to supplementsDemirci, Yılmaz Mehmet
2010Operator splitting methhods for differential equationsYazıcı, Yeşim
2013Operator splitting method for parabolic partial differential equations: Analyses and applicationsGücüyenen, Nurcan
2011Operator splitting methods for non-autonomous differential equationsKorkut, Sıla Övgü