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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019GIS besed spatial equity mapping and park provision at neighborhood scale: Izmir caseÖzkan, Sevim Pelin
Jul-2021GIS-based determination of suitable areas with multi-criteria approach for solar power plants and assessment of land decisions: the case study of İzmirToprakcı, Nevin Selin
Nov-2015Gis-based multi-criteria approach for land-use suitability analysis of wind farms: the case study of Karaburun Peninsula, Izmir,-TurkeySediqi, Khwaja Jawid
Jul-2021Global diffusion of green building certification systems (GBCS): a lead and lag markets modelKaya, Yusuf Furkan
Sep-2016Glucose biosensor applicatiın of electrospun polyvinyl alacohol (PVA) fibersBerber, Emine
Jul-2019Graphene transfer approaches with different support materials on the substrates with cavitiesDuman, Sinem
Dec-2020Graphene-like materials for electronic applicationsBaşkurt, Mehmet
2009Grawth and electrical characterization of high purity carbon nanotubesKır, Serap
Jul-2018Green synthesis of metal nanoparticles and their applications as plasmonic substratesElveren, Beste
Aug-2020A Grey Verhulst Model for forecasting construction costsErinç, Uğurkan
2002Groundwater quality assessment in Torbalı RegionKırer, Tuğba
2013Group key establishment protocols: Pairing cryptography and verifiable secret sharing schemeAslanoğlu, Rabia
2010Growth and characterization of aluminum doped transparent and conductive zinc oxidethin flimsAtaç, Derya
2008Growth and characterization of carbon nanotubes by thernal chemical vapor deposition methodAksak, Meral
2010Growth and characterization of carbon nanotubes over Co-Mo/MgO catalystsİnce Yardımcı, Atike
2008The growth and characterization of Fe/TaO/Co multilayers for spintronics applicationsTokuç, Hüseyin
Jun-2019Growth and characterization of ZnSnO thin films on polymers for OLEDsEkmekçioğlu, Merve
2006Growth and structural characterization of Fe/TaOx/Fe magnetic multilayersOğuz, Kaan
Jul-2014Growth of Cu2ZnSnS4 absorber layer on flexible metallic substrates for thin film solar cell applicationsYazıcı, Şebnem
Jul-2015The growth of epitaxial graphene for two-dimensional electronicsİbrahim, Alnazir