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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2019Understanding the biological role of sialidase NEU3 in Tay-Sachs disease mouse modelAkyıldız Demir, Seçil
2014University campuses as places of potential publicness: Exploring the politicals, socialand cultural practices in Ege UniversityYaylalı Yıldız, Berna
2013Urban change dynamics: Izmir case, 1927-2010Oğuz, Saygın Can
2013Use of bio-nano composites as protective coating on natural stone surfacesOcak, Yılmaz
Dec-2015The use of nonextensive framework in connection with traffic flowKoşun, Çağlar
2010The use of paper processing residues in the development of ceramics with improved thermal insulation propertiesSütçü, Mücahit
2010Use of silica-based sorbents for separation and preconcentration of V (IV) and V (V)Erdem, Aslı
2005Using machine learning techniques for early cost prediction of structural systems of buildingsDoğan, Sevgi Zeynep 
Dec-2022Utilization of endophytic fungi and their enzymes for transformation to obtain bioactive compoundsKüçüksolak, Melis 
Jul-2021The valorization of various wastewater for hydrogen production by photocatalytic oxidationOrak, Ceren 
2011Vortex dynamics in domains whith boundariesTülü, Serdar
Jul-2022When certain relative projectivity and injectivity conditions imply the global projectivity and injectivityBenli Göral, Sinem
Jun-2017X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of magnetron sputtered Cu2ZnSnS4 based thin film solar cells with CdS buffer layerCantaş Bağdaş, Ayten
Apr-2022Xylan based composite nanoparticles and biofoams for drug delivery and tissue engineeringZeybek, Nüket