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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A model for assesing project management maturity level of architectural design offices (ARCH-PMM)Beset, Doğan Arda
Jul-2019A model for assessing acoustic comfort in enclosed public spacesÇakır, Onurcan 
Jul-2015A model for evaluating the absorptive capacity of architectural design teamsÜlkeryıldız, Evren
Jul-2021A model for exploring evolution of strategic alliances in project-based industries - The case of construction industryÖzçekici Olcar, Çisil 
Jul-2021A model for exploring legitimization strategies used in architectural design competitionsAslan, Mina
Jul-2020A model for prediction of noise levels in open plan offices based on number of occupantsKarcı, Zeynep Sevinç
Jul-2021Modeling and analysis of molecular signals in multiscale molecular communicationGüleç, Fatih 
Jul-2017Modeling of concrete under high strain rate conditions using nonlinear finite element methodÇankaya, Mehmet Alper
2011Modeling the effects of land use characteristics on mode choice for home-based work trips: The case of IstanbulYankaya, Uğur
Jul-2019Modeling, simulation and analysis of type-III composite overwrapped pressure vessels for high-pressure gas storageKangal, Serkan 
2010Modeling, simulation and optimization of flashed-steam geothermal power plants from the point of view of noncondensable gas removal systemsYıldırım Özcan, Nurdan 
Jul-2016Modelling electronic and structural properties of graphene and transition metal chacogenide nanostructuresÖzaydın, Hediye Duygu
Jun-2023Modulation of terahertz waves by VO2 based metamaterialsNoori, Aileen
Jul-2017Modules satisfying conditions that are opposites of absolute purity and flatnessKafkas Demirci, Gizem
Dec-2020Molecular and cellular level adaptations of bone marrow mesenchymal progenitor cells to chemical and physical signalsBaskan Erbilgiç, Öznur
Sep-2016Molecular and genetic investigation of aging: The role of mitochondrial metabolism genes on life span determinationKhandaker, Asfaqul Muid
Jul-2017Molecular beam epitaxy growth and characterization of CdTe heterostructures on GaAs-effect of interface, growth, and annealing conditions to crystal qualityArı, Ozan 
Dec-2019Molecular characterization of long non coding RNAs that mediate apoptosis in humanSweef, Osama Abdel Hady Biaomy
Jul-2021Molecular dynamics studies on interface heat transfer control using electric fieldYenigün, Onur
Jul-2019Molecular genetic analyis in faba bean (Vicia faba L.)Abuzayed, Mazen Ali