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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2017The investigation of anticancer properties of (R)-4'-methylklavuzon in liver cancer cells and liver cancer stem cellsDelman, Murat
Jul-2022Investigation of bioelectrochemical treatment efficiency for removal of boron from geothermal watersGören, Ayşegül Yağmur 
2013Investigation of carotenoid contents of various microalgae by chromatographis/spectroscopic methodsErdoğan, Ayşegül
Dec-2021Investigation of compensatory effect of copper mineral and iron-protein complexes on iron deficiency anemia in human enterocyte cell culture modelHoşer, Ezgi 
2009Investigation of effects of microstructural and surface properties of ultrafiltration/ nanofiltration ceramic membranes on their performanceErdem, İlker
2014Investigation of hemostatic biomaterials containing plant extractsUslu, Mehmet Emin
Jun-2022Investigation of liquefaction potential of sand-tire granulated rubber mixture that used around the buried pipes with shake table testsKaraman, Mustafa 
Dec-2018Investigation of molecular effect of phenolic acids on methicillin-resistant and methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus in comparison to their phenolic acid resistant mutantsKeman, Deniz 
Jul-2015Investigation of the deterioration problems of excavated andesite monuments in archaeological sites for the purpose of conservationKaplan, Çağlayan Deniz
Feb-2017Investigation of the effect of different processing techniques on the overall quality and shelf life of local apricot variety of Iğdır (Prunus armeniaca L., cv. Şalak)Hakgüder Taze, Bengi 
Dec-2015Investigation of the effects of the HIV-1 Tat gene on the expression of secretory leucocyte protease inhibitor in primate cell linesÖzdemir, Selçuk
Jul-2023Investigations of indoor thermal and air flow conditions in a tobacco warehouseGerçek, Mümine
Jul-2018Invetigation of mechanical vibration effects on breast cancer cellsOlçum Uzan, Melis
Jul-2014Isolation, characterization, and screening probiotic properties of artisanal yoghurt starter strains from Urla RegionOkuklu, Burcu 
Jul-2015Joint reconstruction of surface geometry and reflection properties by using image based methodsOzan, Şükrü
Jul-2017Kinematic design and analysis of deployable vault and pseudo-dome structures based on origami techniquesKaraveli Kartal, Andree Sonad
Jul-2022Krull-Schmidt properties over non-noetherian ringsGürbüz, Ezgi
Dec-2022Lead-free ferroelectric ceramics for energy storage and electrocaloric cooling applicationsKarakaya, Merve 
Dec-2022Location privacy in cellular networksYaman, Okan
Jul-2019Long-term protection efficiency of biodegradable polymer treatments on limestoneKaplan, Zişan