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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2020A method for GIS and BIM integration to support automated zoning code compliance checkingDemir Altıntaş, Yelin
2011A method for the analysis of lot- house relations in Ottoman housing patterSaf, Hayriye Oya
2010A method on energey-efficient retrofitting for existing building envelopesGüçyeter, Başak
2001A methodology for geographical information systems based participatory decision making approachYiğitcanlar, Tan
Dec-2021Minor components of olive oils as indicators for the authenticity of virgin olive oilsUncu, Oğuz 
Jul-2019Modal identification of structures by using Bayesian statisticsHızal, Çağlayan 
Jul-2018A model based on occupant movement analysis for spatial layout evaluationBaşarır, Lale
2007A model for assesing project management maturity level of architectural design offices (ARCH-PMM)Beset, Doğan Arda
Jul-2019A model for assessing acoustic comfort in enclosed public spacesÇakır, Onurcan
Jul-2015A model for evaluating the absorptive capacity of architectural design teamsÜlkeryıldız, Evren
Jul-2021A model for exploring evolution of strategic alliances in project-based industries - The case of construction industryÖzçekici Olcar, Çisil
Jul-2021A model for exploring legitimization strategies used in architectural design competitionsAslan, Mina
Jul-2020A model for prediction of noise levels in open plan offices based on number of occupantsKarcı, Zeynep Sevinç
Jul-2021Modeling and analysis of molecular signals in multiscale molecular communicationGüleç, Fatih 
Jul-2017Modeling of concrete under high strain rate conditions using nonlinear finite element methodÇankaya, Mehmet Alper
2011Modeling the effects of land use characteristics on mode choice for home-based work trips: The case of IstanbulYankaya, Uğur
Jul-2019Modeling, simulation and analysis of type-III composite overwrapped pressure vessels for high-pressure gas storageKangal, Serkan
2010Modeling, simulation and optimization of flashed-steam geothermal power plants from the point of view of noncondensable gas removal systemsYıldırım Özcan, Nurdan
Jul-2016Modelling electronic and structural properties of graphene and transition metal chacogenide nanostructuresÖzaydın, Hediye Duygu
Jul-2017Modules satisfying conditions that are opposites of absolute purity and flatnessKafkas Demirci, Gizem