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2009Synthesis of α,β-unsaturated ketones by rhodium-catalyzed carbonylative arylation of internal alkynes with arylboronic acidsKuş, Melih 
2010Synthesis, characterization and computational studies of oxomolybdenum compounds with nitrogen donor ligandsKıyak, Harika
Dec-2021Synthesis, characterization and investigation of cytotoxic effects of drug loaded ZIF-8 metal-organic frameworksMete, Derya 
2011Synthesis, characterization of CdSxSe1-x quantum dots and evaluation of their real-time motions in live cellsÜnal, Gülçin
Apr-2018Synthesis, physicochemical characterization, and biosensing applications of gold nanoparticlesÜçüncü, Melek
2014Synthesizing of olive leaf exteact loaded calcium alginate chitosan microcapsules and investigation of their anticancer activity on cancer cellsBal, Yıldız
Dec-2021Synthetic fingerprint generation with gansKılınç, Vahdettin Onur 
Jul-2020Synthetic generation of fingerprintsİrtem, Emre
2009Systematic computational analysis of potential RNA interference regulation in Toxoplasma gondiiÇakır, Mehmet Volkan
Jul-2018A systematic evaluation of semantic representations in natural language processingSevgili Ergüven, Özge
Jul-2022Tactics of conversion in social housing settlements: Uzundere TOKİ housingsBekir, Diclehan
Jun-2019Tag based storage and retrieval system for organization related newsParkın, Kübra
May-2018Tag-based dynamic ranking system for organization related newsÖzkan, Mustafa Tunahan
Mar-2023Techno-economic optimization of PV-wind-battery hybrid systemsDemirdal, İlke
Jul-2023Techno-functional properties of bakery products containing legume and nut floursDoğruer, Ilgın
Mar-2022Teleoperation of a biomimetic squid robot's arms via multiple haptic interfacesEmet, Hazal 
Jul-2018Teleoperation system desing of a robot assisted endoscopic pituitary surgeryAteş, Gizem 
Jul-2017Temperature dependence of resistivity and hall coefficient in Cu2ZnSnS4 absorbers for thin film solar cellsAkça, Fatime Gülşah
2008Temperature dependence of tunneling in intrinsic Josephson junctions of high temperature superconductorsŞimşek, Yılmaz
Sep-2017Temperature dependence of zero phonon line emission from defects in hexagonal boron nitride and design of photon-pair sourcePolat, Nahit