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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2023Determination of flood risk areas and development of mitigation strategies in Kabul River Basin, AfghanistanBarez, Esmayel
Dec-2020Determination of hydrocarbon composition of naphtha by using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and multivariate calibrationŞentürk, Selahattin
Jul-2021Determination of therapeutic effects of multifunctional antibody and peptide micelle-based nanocarriers on breast cancer cellsAbdulhadi, Nusaibah Abdulsalam Abdulhad
Dec-2020Development and characterization of electrospun polymer scaffolds for 3D cell culture model to mimic human intestine systemFirik, Tuğba
Jul-2021Development and characterization of magnesium alginate hydrogels for 3d cell culture formationÇoban, Başak 
Dec-2020Development of 3D printed spectroscopy ınstrumentation for medical applicationsKanlı, Ali İhsan
Mar-2021Development of a new antiscalant for minimization of stibnite scaling in geothermal binary plantsKaraburun, Emre Mustafa
Dec-2021Development of a personalized thermal comfort driven controller for HVAC systemsTurhan, Cihan; Simani, Silvio; Gökçen Akkurt, Gülden 
Dec-2021Development of chemometrics method based on infrared spectroscopy for the determination of cement composition and process optimization [Master Thesis]Tepeli, Dilek 
Jul-2021Development of conductive oxide based thin film modified electrodes and biosensors applicationsYurttaş, Betül 
Dec-2021Development of fluorescent carbon-dots for biological imagingKavuranpala, Tuğçe 
Jul-2020Development of magnetic levitation-based sensitive assaysYaman, Sena 
Dec-2020Development of molecular fluorescence spectroscopy based multivariate calibration models for quantitative determination of fatty acids and triacylglycerol compositions of olive oilsHedef, Onur 
Jun-2021Development of novel polymeric carriers for gene therapyZelçak, Aykut
Nov-2020Development of real time blood vessel imaging system for early diagnosis of vascular diseasesAltay, Ayşe
Sep-2021Development of single nucleotide polymorphism markers using genotyping by sequencing technique for determination of genetic diversity and population structure in hazelnutYanar, Ertuğrul Gazi
Feb-2023Development of textured lead-free NBT-based piezoelectric materials in a matrix, synthesized by an alternative route, via templated grain growthÇoban Tetik, Hatice Şule; Suvacı, Ender; Avcı, A. Murat; Adem, Umut ; Karakaya, Merve 
May-2022Development of ZTO/Ag/ZTO transparent electrodes for thin film solar cellsTürkoğlu, Fulya; Köseoğlu, Hasan; Ekmekçioğlu, Merve; Cantaş, Ayten; Özdemir, Mehtap ; Aygün, Gülnur ; Özyüzer, Lütfi 
Dec-2020Diagnosis and recovery of hardware faults encountered during operation of mobile robotsŞahin, Osman Nuri 
Dec-2021Dimethyl ether production from methanol over silica-alumina catalystsTarancı, Ecem