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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Endogenous heat shock protein GroEL of A. actinomycetemcomitans preferentially targets primary human CD8+T cellsKant, Melis; Akgül, Bünyamin ; Nalbant Aldanmaz, Ayten 
2022Endogenous miRNA SpongesAlkan, A.H.; Akgül, B. 
Sep-2002Evidence for a stabilizer element in the untranslated regions of Drosophila glutathione S-transferase D1 mRNAAkgül, Bünyamin ; Tu, Chen-Pei D.
2022Experimental MicroRNA Detection MethodsYaylak, B.; Akgül, B. 
2010Garlic accelerates red blood cell turnover and splenic erythropoietic gene expression in mice: Evidence for erythropoietin-independent erythropoiesisAkgül, Bünyamin ; Lin, Kai-Wei; Yang, Hui-Mei Ou; Chen, Yen-Hui; Lu, Tzu-Huan; Chen, Chien-Hsiun; Kikuchi, Tateki; Chen, Yuan-Tsong; Tu, Chen-Pei D.
2014Gene reporter assay to validate microRNA targets in drosophila S2 cellsAkgül, Bünyamin ; Göktaş, Çağdaş
Dec-2015Identification of long non-coding RNAs that regulate apoptosis in humanAhmadov, Ulvi
2016The importance of miRNA expressions in InfertiltyGökalp, S.; Akgül, Bünyamin ; Özçakır, T.; Vatansever, H. S.
Jul-2018Indentification of circular ribonucleic acids differentially expressed in apoptotic HeLa cellsYaylak, Bilge
2018Intracytoplasmic re-localization of miRISC complexesAkgül, Bünyamin ; Erdoğan, İpek 
Jul-2020Investigation of the effect of DR5-AS long non-coding RNA on cell proliferationGürer, Dilek Cansu
2014Master regulators of posttranscriptional gene expression are subject to regulationHamid, Syed Muhammad; Akgül, Bünyamin 
Dec-2019Molecular characterization of long non coding RNAs that mediate apoptosis in humanSweef, Osama Abdel Hady Biaomy
2008mRNA decay analysis in Drosophila melanogaster: Drug-induced changes in glutathione S-transferase D21 mRNA stabilityAkgül, Bünyamin ; Tu, Chen-Pei D.
2022Noncoding RNAs in apoptosis: identification and functionTüncel, Özge; Kara, Merve; Yaylak, Bilge; Erdoğan, İpek ; Akgül, Bünyamin 
Feb-2004Pentobarbital-mediated Regulation of Alternative Polyadenylation in Drosophila Glutathione S-Transferase D21 mRNAsAkgül, Bünyamin ; Tu, Chen-Pei D.
Feb-2018Re-arrangements in the cytoplasmic distribution of small RNAs following the maternal-to-zygotic transition in Drosophila embryosCoşacak, Mehmet İlyas; Yiğit, Hatice; Kızıl, Çağhan; Akgül, Bünyamin 
Mar-2007Regulation of mRNA stability through a pentobarbital-responsive elementAkgül, Bünyamin ; Tu, Chen-Pei D.
Apr-2018Small RNA data set that includes tRNA-derived fragments from Jurkat cells treated with camptothecinCoşacak, Mehmet İlyas; Erdoğan, İpek ; Nalbant, Ayten ; Akgül, Bünyamin 
2019Transcriptomics analysis of circular RNAs differentially expressed in apoptotic HeLa cellsYaylak, Bilge; Erdoğan, İpek ; Akgül, Bünyamin