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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2022A direct method for the low energy scattering solution of delta shell potentialsErman, Fatih ; Seymen, Sema
Apr-2012Existence of Hamiltonians for some singular interactions on manifoldsDoğan, Çağlar; Erman, Fatih ; Turgut, Osman Teoman
2020Green's function formulation of multiple nonlinear Dirac delta-function potential in one dimensionErman, Fatih ; Uncu, Haydar
Feb-2013A many-body problem with point interactions on two-dimensional manifoldsErman, Fatih ; Turgut, O. Teoman
2012Non-relativistic Lee model in two-dimensional Riemannian manifoldsErman, Fatih ; Turgut, Osman Teoman
Aug-2014Nondegeneracy of the ground state for nonrelativistic Lee modelErman, Fatih ; Malkoç, Berkin; Turgut, Osman Teoman
Mar-2018On scattering from the one-dimensional multiple Dirac delta potentialsErman, Fatih ; Gadella, Manuel; Uncu, Haydar
2023On Schrödinger operators modified by δ interactionsAkbaş, Kaya Güven; Erman, Fatih ; Turgut, O. Teoman
Jan-2017On the number of bound states of point interactions on hyperbolic manifoldsErman, Fatih 
2018On the number of bound states of semirelativistic Hamiltonian with Dirac delta potentials in one dimensionErman, Fatih 
2017One-dimensional semirelativistic Hamiltonian with multiple Dirac delta potentialsErman, Fatih ; Gadella, Manuel; Uncu, Haydar
Dec-2021Perturbative and exact analysis of point interactionsAltınbaşak, Ezgi
May-2019A perturbative approach to the tunneling phenomenaErman, Fatih ; Turgut, Osman Teoman
2014Point interactions in quantum mechanicsTunalı, Seçil
2020The propagators for δ and δ′ potentials with time-dependent strengthsErman, Fatih ; Gadella, Manuel; Uncu, Haydar
Dec-2022Rank one perturbations supported by hybrid geometries and their deformationsErman, Fatih ; Seymen, Sema; Turgut, O. Teoman
2016Recursion formula for the Green's function of a Hamiltonian for several types of Dirac delta-function potentials in curved spacesErman, Fatih 
Jul-2021Reidemeister torsion of closed л-manifoldsDirican Erdal, Esma
Sep-2017Renormalization of Dirac delta potentials through minimal extension of Heisenberg algebraErman, Fatih 
Aug-2017A singular one-dimensional bound state problem and its degeneraciesErman, Fatih ; Gadella, Manuel; Tunalı, Seçil; Uncu, Haydar