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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Nov-2018Random communication systems based on alpha-stable processesAhmed, Areeb
2012Realization of all optical switch and routing devices exploiting third order nonlinear optical propertiesAkın, Osman
2010Recovery of phytochemicals (having antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics) from local plantsAltıok, Evren
2004Reducing risk in 'preservation project management': Re-definition of the 'assessment phase'Özkut, Deniz
Jul-2018Regional convergence, migration and factor mobility in TurkeyAlpaykut Bayrak, Seda Senem
Dec-2020Regional uneven development and liberalisation in TurkeyÖzbolat, Nida Kamil
2006Resettlement of immigrants and planning in I·zmir during the Hamidian PeriodKiper, Nilgün
Jul-2014Resistance properties and control of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestrisMolva, Çelenk
Mar-2014Resource management for multiuser systms with multiple antennas in wireless networksBaştürk, İlhan
2000A retrospective evaluation of space organization principles in architecture (building on Mimar Kemalettin Street in Izmir)Turan, Mine 
2009Rheological behavior of nanocrystalline / submicron ceramic powder dispersionsÇağlar Duvarcı, Özlem
Aug-2016Robust control design for mechatronic systems having non-symmetric input gain matrixBıdıklı, Barış
Jun-2018Rural-ecological commons: Case of pastures in IzmirHazar, Dalya
2013Scale up studies and determination of growth and polygalacturonase formation kinetics of aspergillus sojae mutant strainGöğüş, Nihan
2007Secure urban environments by design:analysis of Konak square design through"crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) princioplesDeniz, Deniz
Jul-2016Selective fructose dehydration to 5-hydroxymethylfufural by heterogeneous sulfated catalysts in different solventsKılıç, Emre
2012Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis to reduce cooling requirement of low-rise apartment blocks in the hot-humid climate region of TurkeyYıldız, Yusuf
Nov-2019Sensitization of Philadelphia positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells resistant to imatinib by targeting sphingolipid metabolismKiraz, Yağmur 
Nov-2018Separation of macromolecules from aqueous systems using electrospun fibersIşık, Tuğba
Jun-2018Short time behaviour of dam break flow involving two liquidsIsıdıcı Demirel, Damla