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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Nanosized zing borate productionGönen, Mehmet
Jul-2016Natural and synthetic silica incorporated chitosan composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering applicationsTamburacı, Sedef
Jun-2015New approaches for solving nonlinear oscillation problemsKorkut Uysal, Sıla Övgü
Dec-2016A new design approach for planar retractable plate structures based on uniform tessellationsGazi Gezgin, Aylin
2009Nitrogen monoxide storage and release properties of local natural zeolite for biological applicationsNarin, Güler
Mar-2016Non-visual aspects of spatial knowledge: Wayfinding behavior of visually impaired people in complex urban environmentsKan Kılıç, Didem
2015Novel design methodologies for transfeormable doubly-ruled surface structuresMaden, Feray
2010A novel transformation model for deployable scissor-hinge structuresAkgün, Yenal
Nov-2021Numerical investigation of gas transport through micro/nano-scale porous media at slip flow regimeSabet, Safa 
Jul-2018Numerical methods for nonlocal problemsKaya, Adem
2009Numerical optimization of a finned tube gas to liquid heat exchangerBilir, Levent
Jul-2019On relative projectivity of some classes of modulesAlagöz, Yusuf 
Jul-2021On the characterization of motor imagery functions based on systematic timing organization of the human brainOlcay, Bilal Orkan 
2013Online time delay identification and adaptive control for general classes of nonlinear systemsBayrak, Alper 
2012Operations on proper classes related to supplementsDemirci, Yılmaz Mehmet
2013Operator splitting method for parabolic partial differential equations: Analyses and applicationsGücüyenen, Nurcan
Jul-2019Optical and electronic properties of atomically thin layered materials: First principles calculationsİyikanat, Fadıl
Jul-2017Optical properties of ultra-thin materialsBacaksız, Cihan
Dec-2018An optimization model for luminaire layout design in office spaces: OptimLUMUygun, İlknur
2009Optimization of the axial crushing behavior of closed-cell aluminum foam filled welded 1050 al square-cross section crashboxesToksoy, Ahmet Kaan