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Nov-2022Continuous treatment of diethyl hexyl and dibutyl phthalates by fixed-bed reactor: Comparison of two esterase bionanocompositesBalcı, Esin; Rosales, Emilio; Pazos, Marta; Sofuoğlu, Aysun ; Sanroman, Maria Angeles
Aug-2022Enhanced thermostability of the immobilized thermoalkalophilic esterase onto magnetic-cornstarch nanoparticleÖz, Yasin; Sürmeli, Yusuf; Şanlı Mohamed, Gülşah 
Apr-2012Immobilization of thermoalkalophilic recombinant esterase enzyme by entrapment in silicate coated Ca-alginate beads and its hydrolytic propertiesGülay, Seçkin; Şanlı Mohamed, Gülşah 
2007Partial purification and preparation of bovine lactoperoxidase and characterization of kinetic properties of its immobilized form incorporated into cross-linked alginate filmsMecitoğlu, Çiğdem; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet 
Sep-2011Preparation, characterization and optimization of chitosan nanoparticles as carrier for immobilization of thermophilic recombinant esteraseİlgü, Hüseyin; Turan, Taylan; Şanlı Mohamed, Gülşah 
Sep-2010Thermal stability of carbonic anhydrase immobilized within polyurethane foamKanbar, Bora; Özdemir, Ekrem 
2021Thermoalkalophilic recombinant esterase entrapment in chitosan/calcium/alginate-blended beads and its characterizationTercan, Cisem; Sürmeli, Yusuf; Şanlı Mohamed, Gülşah 
2023Thickness Gradient in Polymer Coating by Reactive Layer-by-Layer Assembly on Solid SubstrateÖzenler, Sezer ; Alkan, Ali Ata; Gunay, Ufuk Saim; Dağlar, Özgün; Durmaz, Hakan; Yıldız, Ümit Hakan