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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Nov-2018Random communication systems based on alpha-stable processesAhmed, Areeb 
2010Random vibration of a road vehicleBayrakdar, Özgür
Dec-2017The rational design of a novel biocatalyst using the heme-nitric oxide/oxygen binding proteinAggrey-Fynn, Joana Efua
Jul-2012Ray: A profile-based approach for homology matching of tandem-ms spectra to sequence databasesYılmaz, Şule
2009Reactions of oxomolybdenum compounds with nitrogen donor ligands and related computational calculational calculationsÖcal, Jale
2009Reactive ion beam etching and characterization of high-Tc superconductor Bi2212Köseoğlu, Hasan
2010A reading of the late 19th-century İstanbul public life and space through the Tanzimat NovelŞenel, Ayşe Nur
Jul-2021Reading types of urban form as a tool for conservation development plansGüçer Payamcı, Evrim
Dec-2021Real time texture mapped 3D reconstruction using a setup with mirrors and controlled lightingYazar, Barış 
Jul-2016Real-time PCR as a molecular tool for the enumeration of probiotics in commercial productsÖz, Ödül
2012Realization of all optical switch and routing devices exploiting third order nonlinear optical propertiesAkın, Osman
2007The reasons and suggested solutions of underdevelopment of thermal tourism in TurkeyDal, Feryal
Jul-2014Rebuilding the relationship ignored between children and natural-built environment through scool garden designed by permaculture methodKılıç, Merve Ayten
2007Recent advances in the hardware architecture of flat display devicesGökkaya, Utku
2001Recent developments in wireless network systemsNurel, Mehmet Ali
Jul-2016Reclaiming ecological sustainability of urban streams by use of green infrastructure techniquesAksoy, Selçuk
1997Reconstruction of X-ray imagesAka, Hüseyin Cüneyt
2010Recovery of phytochemicals (having antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics) from local plantsAltıok, Evren
Dec-2018Redesing of driver environment for rigid inflatable boat with focus on user-centered designAşıcı, Burçin
2008Redox regulation of human P53 tumor suppressor gene activity: Identification of redox genes that play role in human P53 reporter gene activityAtaç, Beren