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2000L(+)lactic acid production from whey by lactobacillus casei NRRL B-441Büyükkileci, Ali Oğuz 
2002L[+]-lactic acid purification from fermentation broth using ion exchange resinsPolat, Zelal
May-2019Lab-on-a-chip devices for drug screeningGökçe, Begüm
2009Laboratory study for determining geotechnical engineering properties of cement-treated and-untreared backfill soils used in high speed railway embankmentsUşun, Handan
2013Laboratory tests to study stability mechanism of rainfall infiltrated unsaturated fine-grained soil slopes developing into shallow landslides and their hydraulic propertiesŞahin, Yavuz
2005Lactic acid production by Lactobacillus casei NRRL B-441 immobilized in chitosan stabilized Ca-alginate beadsGündüz, Meltem
2004Land readjustment process in urban design: project management approachKonursay, Sadık Yılmaz
Jul-2020A language modeling approach to detect biasAtik, Ceren
Feb-2022Large scale testing of masonry walls under the effect of representative ground settlementsÖzdemir, Berkay 
2010Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopic analysis of metal aerosols generated by pneumatic nebuliztion of aqueous solutionsAteş Arıca, Dilek
Jul-2015A lattice-based approach for news chain constructionToprak, Mustafa
2006Layered silicate / polypropylene nanocompositesIşık, Kıvanç
Dec-2022Lead-free ferroelectric ceramics for energy storage and electrocaloric cooling applicationsKarakaya, Merve 
Jun-2016Learning control of robot manipulators with telerobotic applicationsDoğan, Kadriye Merve
Jun-2022Learning of tasks with robot programming by demonstrationArgüz, Serdar Hakan
Jul-2019A learning-based demand classification service with using XGBoost in institutional areaGürakın, Çağrı
2009The least proper class containing weak supplementDurğun, Yılmaz
Dec-2022Legendre wavelet collocation method with quasilinearization technique for fractional differential equationsİdiz, Fatih
Mar-2022Leisure spaces in working places of everyday life: examining spatial production in İzmir campusesÇelikbilek, Gökçe 
Jul-2018Length scale parameterization and stability analyses with different statistical methods in wind measurementsTuna, Faruk