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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Unlimited-wokspace teleoperationŞahin, Osman Nuri 
2013Urban change dynamics: Izmir case, 1927-2010Oğuz, Saygın Can
2009Urban decline and low demand housing case study: Damlacık (Izmir) DistrictGünday, Emre
1999Urban design for disabled peopleGökçen, Tankut
2013Urban design toolkit for creative place-making and cultural tourism: The case of Alaçatıİnce, İrem
Jun-2020Urban policies and critical analysis of urban transformation in Izmir: Yeşildere caseEce Kaya, Birsu
2007Urban regeneration policy impacts on the future of city-a comparative study in European and the Turkish contextBinay, Recep Anıl
Dec-2018Urban tomography and digital humanities in visual tradition of urban designYılmaz, Almira
25-Oct-2018Urban transformation in Izmir/Bayraklı districtTürkmen Çelebi, Burcu
Jul-2019Urban transformation in Turkey within historical and legal framework: A comprehensive evaulation in IzmirErdem, Ezgi Gül
2005The usage of stochastic and multicriteria decision-aid methods evaluating geothermal energy exploitation projectsDur, Fatih
2002The use and characterization of composite alumina-titania-zirconia-silica-ceramic membranes for gas separationTopuz, Berna
2006The use and importance of emotional design in contemporary design practiceÜrgen, Canalp
2010Use of amine-and mercapto-modified silica as soild phase extraction sorbent for speciation of inorganic selenium prior to determination by atomic spectrometric techniquesDönertaş, Esen
2013Use of bio-nano composites as protective coating on natural stone surfacesOcak, Yılmaz
Jul-2019Use of biomimicry in industrial design education in Turkey: The case of Izmir universitiesAvcı, Gamze
2006The use of boron-containing additives for synthesis of anorthite ceramic powdersKavalcı, Sedat
2006The use of cell polyurethane foams in air-type solar collectors as the heat absorbing elementDeğirmencioğlu, Can
2005Use of different gold amalgamation techniques in mercury determination by cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometryErdem, Arzu
2004Use of domestic minerals for vegetable oil bleachingErten, Yasemin