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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Cell adhesion on nanomater scale fibronectin patterns: A comparision of breast cancer cells and normal breast epithelial cellsHorzum, Utku
Jul-2017Cell selection algorithms for conventional narrow band wireless systemsYılmaz, Saadet Simay 
Jul-2017Cell selection algorithms for terrestrial trunked narrow band radio systemsKarataş, Azad
Jul-2015Cell selection and interference coordination techniques for heterogeneous wireless networksMahmuda, Subaha
Jul-2019Cellular mechanosensing at a distanceCan, Ali
2001Cemeteries planning and design principlesCömertler, Seval
Jul-2015Chacterization of drug resistance mechanisms against antifungal agent VoriconazoleErcan, İlkcan
2011Changes in protein profiles in Bortezomib applied Multiple Myeloma cellsTuran, Taylan
2001Changing dynamics of urban renewal: Uzundere (Izmir) urban renewal projectEğercioğlu, Yakup
2002Changing process of the physical and social structure of Eski FoçaÇetin, Ahmet
2009The changing role of planners in local planning practices: A comparetive analysis of two planning studies of IzmirMert, Yelda
2007Characteristics of limes produced from marbles and limestionesToprak, Gülcan
Jul-2012Characteristics of Roman mortars produced from natural and artificial pozzolans in Aigai and NysaUğurlu Sağın, Elif 
Jul-2019Characterization and catalytic applications of hydrothermally synthesized poyoxotungstate clusters containing organic-inorganic hybrid materialsEce, Özlem
2014Characterization and classification of wines from grape varieties grovn in TurkeyŞen, İlknur
2010Characterization and corrosion performance of γ-glycidoxyropyltrimethoxsilane modified epoxy polymerOturaklı, Şafak
Jul-2016Characterization and expansion behaviour of perliteGül, Dilek
2005Characterization and genetic mapping of health related traits in tomatoRusçuklu, Dane
2005Characterization and modification of antioxidant proteins from plat materialsArcan, İskender
Jul-2020Characterization and utilization of injectable hydrogels for tissue engineering applicationsGüzelgülgen, Meltem