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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Use of fly ash as an alternative filler material in PVC-pastisolsSayhan, İpek
2012Use of ion exchange resins modified with zero-valent iron for the sorption/speciation of inorganic As(III) and As(V) in watersBölek, Deniz
Dec-2018Use of literature in understanding the transformation of domestic architecture: Case of İstanbul between 1908 and 1950Yılmaz, Merve
2011Use of metal templates for microcavity formation in aluminaBalkan, Sırma
2003Use of multivariate statistical techniques in HACCP programsBalıklı, Umut Başak
Dec-2015The use of nonextensive framework in connection with traffic flowKoşun, Çağlar
Jul-2020The use of origami-based kinetic facade component to improve daylight performance in terms of LEED criteria: A case of IZTECH Innovation CenterYasinci, Zihni
2010The use of paper processing residues in the development of ceramics with improved thermal insulation propertiesSütçü, Mücahit
1999Use of public lands for mass housing projects in the privatization process-Izmir caseYörür, Neriman
2010Use of silica-based sorbents for separation and preconcentration of V (IV) and V (V)Erdem, Aslı
Jul-2018The use of Vetiveria zizanioides (L) Nash and Cyperus alternifolius L. by floating wetland treatment to improve water qualityYücel, Arzu
Dec-2019User lighting preferences in museums and galleries: Virtual models and a survey for multiple exhibition and lighting conditionsÇevik, Aslıhan
2006User-centered design criteria in automobile design with a case study of automobile dashboard designArslan, Fatih
2011Using artificial neural networks to predict issuance durations of occupancy permit applicationsKontbay, Setenay
Aug-2016Using augmented reality in vocational education programs to teach occupational healt and safetyHülagü, Renk
2005Using machine learning techniques for early cost prediction of structural systems of buildingsDoğan, Sevgi Zeynep 
Jul-2019Utilising origami for packaging design: a survey for analysing user preferencesBüyükyılmaz, Nur
2013Utilization of organce peel extract for fungal enzyme productionGenç, Berna
2010Utilization of timed automata as a verification tool for real-time security protocolsKülahçıoğlu, Burcu
2007Utilization of urban design principles in designing the urban space case studies on the Netherlands and TurkeyBal, Ufuk