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2018Determination of bitterness index (K225) and total fenol content of olive oils obtained with different regions, varieties and processing systemsKöseoğlu, Oya; Sevim, Didar; Dural, Mehmet Ulaş; Özdemir, Durmuş 
2017Physicochemical and sensorial properties of Sepet Cheeses packaged under different modified atmospheric conditionsAkpınar, Aslı; Yerlikaya, Oktay; Kınık, Özer; Uysal, Harun Raşit; Korel, Figen 
2017Some physicochemical characteristics and aroma compounds of Izmir Tulum Cheese produced with different milk typesAkpınar, Aslı; Yerlikaya, Oktay; Kınık, Özer; Korel, Figen ; Kahraman, Cihan; Uysal, Harun Raşit