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2020Applicability of low-intensity vibrations as a regulatory factor on stem and progenitor cell populationsBaskan, Öznur ; Karadaş, Özge; Meşe, Gülistan ; Özçivici, Engin 
2016Application of low intensity mechanical vibrations for bone tissue maintenance and regenerationÖlçüm, Melis; Baskan, Öznur ; Karadaş, Özge; Özçivici, Engin 
Dec-2019Biochemical and mechanical cues for osteogenic induction of stem cells on paper based scaffoldsKaradaş, Özge
2019Cytotoxic tolerance of healthy and cancerous bone cells to anti-microbial phenolic compounds depend on culture conditionsKaradaş, Özge; Meşe, Gülistan ; Özçivici, Engin 
2020Low magnitude high frequency vibrations expedite the osteogenesis of bone marrow stem cells on paper based 3D scaffoldsKaradaş, Özge; Meşe, Gülistan ; Özçivici, Engin