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2023Assessment of melt cleanliness of secondary 5000 aluminum alloy via non-metallic inclusions characterizationLi, Cong; Gökelma, Mertol ; Dang, Thien; Huang, Jinxian; Huang, Chunfa; Li, Jianguo; Friedrich, Bernd
2023Assessment of separation and agglomerationt tendency of non-metallic inclusions in an electromagnetically stirred aluminum meltLi, Cong; Dang, Thien; Gökelma, Mertol ; Zimmermann, Sebastian; Mitterecker, Jonas; Friedrich, Bernd
2021Behavior of Al4C3 particles during flotation and sedimentation in aluminum meltsGökelma, Mertol ; Storm Aarnaes, Trygve; Maier, Juergen; Renkel, Maria F.; Ekstrom, Kai Erik; Friedrich, Bernd; Tranell, Gabriella