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Oct-2015Electronic and magnetic properties of 1T-TiSe2 nanoribbonsÖzaydın, H. Duygu; Şahin, Hasan ; Kang, J.; Peeters, François M.; Şenger, Ramazan Tuğrul
Oct-2014Formation and diffusion characteristics of Pt clusters on graphene, 1H-MoS2 and 1T-TaS2Özaydın, H. Duygu; Şahin, Hasan ; Şenger, Ramazan Tuğrul; Peeters, François M.
27-Feb-2015Hexagonal AlN: Dimensional-crossover-driven band-gap transitionBacaksız, Cihan; Şahin, Hasan ; Özaydın, H. Duygu; Horzum, Şeyda ; Senger, Ramazan Tugrul ; Peeters, François M.
Nov-2017Hydrogenation-driven phase transition in single-layer TiSe2İyikanat, Fadıl; Kandemir, Ali; Özaydın, H. Duygu; Senger, Ramazan Tuğrul ; Şahin, Hasan 
10-Aug-2015TiS3 nanoribbons: Width-independent band gap and strain-tunable electronic propertiesKang, Jun; Şahin, Hasan ; Özaydın, H. Duygu; Senger, Ramazan Tuğrul ; Peeters, François M.