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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2018Effect of operational conditions on separation of lithium from geothermal water by ?-MnO2 using ion exchange–membrane filtration hybrid processRecepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Kabay, Nalan; Yoshizuka, Kazuharu; Nishihama, Syouhei; Yılmaz İpek, İdil; Arda, Müşerref; Yüksel, Mithat
Sep-2022Electrochemical degradation of methylene blue by a flexible graphite electrode: Techno-economic evaluationGören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Recepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Edebali, Özge; Şahin, Çağrı; Genişoğlu, Mesut ; Ökten, Hatice Eser 
15-Apr-2023Insights into engineered graphitic carbon nitride quantum dots for hazardous contaminants degradation in wastewaterGören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Recepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Vatanpour, Vahid; Yoon, Yeojoon; Khataee, Alireza
Jan-2022Language of response surface methodology as an experimental strategy for electrochemical wastewater treatment process optimizationGören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Recepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Khataee, Alireza
2019Methylene blue removal of fixed-bed column reactor with pumice and nZVI-pumice: Experimental and modeling studyGenişoğlu, Mesut ; Gören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Balcı, Esin; Recepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Ökten, Hatice Eser 
Jul-2018Packed bed column dynamic study for boron removal from geothermal brine by a chelating fiber and breakthrough curve analysis by using mathematical modelsRecepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Kabay, Nalan; Yılmaz İpek, İdil; Arda, Müşerref; Yüksel, Mithat; Yoshizuka, Kazuharu; Nishihama, Syouhei
2021Phosphorylated hazelnut shell waste for sustainable lithium recovery application as biosorbentRecepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Yüksel, Aslı 
2022A review of boron removal from aqueous solution using carbon-based materials: An assessment of health risksGören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Recepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Karagündüz, Ahmet; Khataee, Alireza; Yoon, Yeojoon
2021Synthesis, characterization and adsorption studies of phosphorylated cellulose for the recovery of lithium from aqueous solutionsRecepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Yüksel, Aslı 
2022Valorization of olive tree pruning waste for potential utilization in lithium recovery from aqueous solutionsNampeera, Jackline ; Recepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Yüksel, Aslı