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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2014A rhodamine/BODIPY-based fluorescent probe for the differential detection of Hg(ii) and Au(iii)Karakuş, Erman; Üçüncü, Muhammed; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa 
Dec-2018Study of drug transportation by ESR spectroscopyTatlıdil, Duygu
Jun-2021Studying dopa adhesion on polystyrene under waterYıldız, Remziye
Sep-2013The utilization of pH sensitive spirocyclic rhodamine dyes for monitoring D-fructose consumption during a fermentation processKarakuş, Erman; Üçüncü, Muhammed; Eanes, Ritchie C. ; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa