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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2020Enriching contextual word embeddings with character informationPolatbilek, Ozan
2020Estimating spatiotemporal focus of documents using entropy with PMIYaşar, Damla; Tekir, Selma 
2014An event-based Hidden Makrov Model approach to news classification and sequencingÇavuş, Engin
2013A feedback-based testing methodology for network security softwareGerçek, Gürcan
Sep-2015Finding out subject-matter experts and research trends using bibliographic dataKarataş, Arzum
2018Gender prediction from Tweets with convolutional neural networks: Notebook for PAN at CLEF 2018Sezerer, Erhan; Polatbilek, Ozan; Sevgili, Özge; Tekir, Selma 
2019Gender prediction from tweets: Improving neural representations with hand-crafted featuresTekir, Selma ; Sezerer, Erhan; Polatbilek, Ozan
2011Geodesic distances for web document clusteringTekir, Selma ; Mansmann, Florian; Keim, Daniel
Dec-2018Identifying communities using collaboration and word association networks in Turkish social mediaAtay, Abdullah Asil
2004An implementation model for open sources evaluationTekir, Selma 
2021Incorporating Concreteness in Multi-Modal Language Models with Curriculum LearningSezerer, Erhan; Tekir, Selma 
2013Information and communication technology sector strategy map of IzmirTuğlular, Tuğkan ; Tekir, Selma ; Velibeyoğlu, Koray 
2006Intelligence analysis modelingKoltuksuz, Ahmet; Tekir, Selma 
Jul-2020A language modeling approach to detect biasAtik, Ceren
Jul-2015A lattice-based approach for news chain constructionToprak, Mustafa
Jul-2015News story analysis with credibility assessment by opinion miningSezerer, Erhan
2005On defining security metrics for information systemsKoltuksuz, Ahmet; Tekir, Selma 
2012Overt information operations during peacetimeTekir, Selma 
2021Performance evaluation of BERT vectors on natural language inference modelsOgul, I.U.; Tekir, S. 
Apr-2012Reading CS classicsTekir, Selma