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2022Digital twin of a servo driver of a servo motor as a first step towards a digital twin of a robot mechanismKüçükoğlu, Sefa Furkan ; Carbone, Giuseppe; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can 
2020Function generation synthesis of planar slider-crank linkages for given 3 positions and a dead-center positionKiper, Gökhan ; Görgülü, İbrahimcan ; Küçükoğlu, Sefa Furkan 
2022Modeling a magneto-rheological fluid-based brake via a neural network methodKüçükoğlu, Sefa Furkan ; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can ; Ceccarelli, Marco
2021Training and modelling the non-linear behavior of an MR brake by using RNN and LSTMKarabulut, Mehmet Görkem ; Küçükoğlu, Sefa Furkan ; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can