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May-20223D electrode use in MDC for enhanced removal of boron from geothermal waterGören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Ökten, Hatice Eser 
2020Arsenite removal from groundwater by aerated electrocoagulation reactor with Al ball electrodes: Human health risk assessmentGören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Kobya, Mehmet; Öncel, Mehmet Salim
2021Biosorption of methylene blue from water by live Lemna minorCan Terzi, Begüm; Gören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Ökten, Hatice Eser ; Sofuoğlu, Sait Cemil 
Jul-2022Boron carbon nitride nanosheets in water and wastewater treatment: A critical reviewRecepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Gören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Vatanpour, Vahid; Yoon, Yeojoon; Khataee, Alireza
Oct-2022Boron in geothermal energy: Sources, environmental impacts, and management in geothermal fluidMott, A.; Baba, Alper ; Hadi Mosleh, Mojgan; Ökten, Hatice Eser ; Babaei, Masoud; Gören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Feng, C.; Recepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Uzelli, Taygun ; Uytun, Hüseyin; Morata, Diego; Yüksel Özşen, Aslı 
2022Carbonaceous materials for removal and recovery of phosphate species: Limitations, successes and future improvementRecepoğlu, Yaşar K. ; Gören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Orooji, Yasin; Khataee, Alireza
Dec-2021Effect of COVID-19 pandemic on ambient air quality and excess risk of particulate matter in TurkeyGören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Genişoğlu, Mesut ; Ökten, Hatice Eser ; Sofuoğlu, Sait Cemil 
2021Effect of high salinity and temperature on water-volcanic rock interactionGören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Topçu, Gökhan; Demir, Mustafa M. ; Baba, Alper 
Feb-2022How does arsenic speciation (arsenite and arsenate) in groundwater affect the performance of an aerated electrocoagulation reactor and human health risk?Gören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Kobya, Mehmet; Khataee, Alireza
Jan-2022Language of response surface methodology as an experimental strategy for electrochemical wastewater treatment process optimizationGören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Recepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Khataee, Alireza
Nov-2021Phytoremediation of olive mill wastewater with Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) Nash and Cyperus alternifolius L.Gören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Yücel, Arzu; Sofuoğlu, Sait Cemil ; Sofuoğlu, Aysun 
Sep-2022Removal of arsenic in groundwater from western Anatolia, Turkey using an electrocoagulation reactor with different types of iron anodesKobya, Mehmet; Dolaz, Mustafa; Özaydın Şenol, Burcu; Gören, Ayşegül Yağmur 
2022A review of boron removal from aqueous solution using carbon-based materials: An assessment of health risksGören, Ayşegül Yağmur ; Recepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Karagündüz, Ahmet; Khataee, Alireza; Yoon, Yeojoon