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May-2019Characterization of the self-assembly and size dependent structural properties of dietary mixed micelles by molecular dynamics simulationsTuncer, Esra; Bayramoğlu, Beste 
Aug-2016Comparison of dipping and spraying methods in layer-by-layer deposition of chitosan and sodium caseinateÜney, Sinem
Dec-2018Exploring the factors modulating the solubilization of ß-carotene in dietary mixed micelles through computer simulationsTunçer, Esra
Jul-2022Fabrication of colorimetric pH indicator films by electrospinningErez, Elif
Apr-2022Layer-by-layer assembly of lysozyme with iota-carrageenan and gum Arabic for surface modification of food packaging materials with improved barrier propertiesKoca, Nazan; Bayramoğlu, Beste 
Oct-2013Modeling of polystyrene under confinement: Exploring the limits of iterative boltzmann inversionBayramoğlu, Beste ; Faller, Roland
Jul-2022Molecular dynamics simulations of duodenal self assembly in the presence of different fatty acidsTunçer, Esra; Bayramoğlu, Beste 
2022Structural changes in fasted state dietary mixed micelles upon solubilization of beta-caroteneBayramoğlu, Beste 
Apr-2019Structure and gas transmission properties of surface modified food packaging materials by layer-by-layer assemblyKoca, Nazan
2016Yarı mamul taze meyve ve sebzeler için katmanlı depozisyon yöntemi ile yeni nesil ince yenilebilir kaplamaların geliştirilmesiBayramoğlu, Beste ; Üney, Sinem; Koca, Nazan