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2013Acoustic design based on multi-aspect performance analysisAtça, Emre
2021Approaches to optimization for movable shading systems: A review of optimization methods and toolsKeskinel, Yeşim; İlal, Mustafa Emre 
2017BIM execution process of construction companies for building projectsGerçek, Bilge; Tokdemir, Onur Behzat; İlal, Mustafa Emre ; Günaydın, Hüsnü Murat 
Jun-2016BIM execution process of construction companies for building projectsGerçek, Bilge
Jul-2019Effect of natural wall materials on energy consumption in Continental and Mediterranean climatesYöney, Ekin Gamze
2022Integrating building and context information for automated zoning code checking: a reviewDemir Altıntaş, Yelin; İlal, Mustafa Emre 
Mar-2023An investigation of performance indicators for stage acoustics in music hallsKuşcu, Duygu
2013Izmir municipality housing and zoning code analysis and representation for compliance checkingMacit, Sibel; İlal, Mustafa Emre ; Günaydın, Hüsnü Murat ; Suter, Georg
2021Loose coupling of GIS and BIM data models for automated compliance checking against zoning codesDemir Altıntaş, Yelin; İlal, Mustafa Emre 
Jul-2020A method for GIS and BIM integration to support automated zoning code compliance checkingDemir Altıntaş, Yelin
Jul-2018A model based on occupant movement analysis for spatial layout evaluationBaşarır, Lale
Jul-2019A model for assessing acoustic comfort in enclosed public spacesÇakır, Onurcan 
Jul-2020A model for prediction of noise levels in open plan offices based on number of occupantsKarcı, Zeynep Sevinç
2020Occupant trajectory analysis for evaluating spatial layoutsBaşarır, L. Le; İlal, Mustafa Emre 
Dec-2018Project plannig and management using Building Information Modeling (BIM)Politi, Ruti Ruth
2013Renovating a lecture hall with a glass roof: A case study of performance based designAtça, Emre; İlal, Mustafa Emre ; Başaran, Tahsin ; Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe ; Durmuş Arsan, Zeynep 
May-2022Utilization of psychoacoustic parameters for occupancy-based acoustic evaluation in eating establishmentsÇakır, Onurcan ; İlal, Mustafa Emre 
Jun-2022Virtual acoustic reconstruction of two ancient spaces: Metropolis Ancient Theatre and Eflatun Pınar Open Air Water SanctuaryBolat, Senem Deniz