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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2017Analytical solution of micro-/nanoscale convective liquid flows in tubes and slitsKalyoncu, Gülce; Barışık, Murat 
Oct-2015Analytical solution of thermally developing microtube heat transfer including axial conduction, viscous dissipation, and rarefaction effectsBarışık, Murat ; Yazıcıoğlu, Almıla Güvenç; Çetin, Barbaros; Kakaç, Sadık
21-May-2016Atomic density effects on temperature characteristics and thermal transport at grain boundaries through a proper bin size selectionVo, Truongquoc; Barışık, Murat ; Kim, Bohung
2019Effect of electric field on interfacial thermal resistance between silicon and water at nanoscalesYenigün, Onur; Barışık, Murat 
May-2019Effect of nano-film thickness on thermal resistance at water/silicon interfaceYenigün, Onur; Barışık, Murat 
2019Electric charge of nanopatterned silica surfacesÖzçelik, H. Gökberk; Barışık, Murat 
2019Electric field controlled heat transfer through silicon and nano-confined waterYenigün, Onur; Barışık, Murat 
Oct-2017Electric field controlled transport of water in graphene nano-channelsÇelebi, Alper Tunga; Barışık, Murat ; Beşkök, Ali
Dec-2016The extended Graetz problem for micro-slit geometries; analytical coupling of rarefaction, axial conduction and viscous dissipationKalyoncu, Gülce; Barışık, Murat 
2019An extended Kozeny-Carman-Klinkenberg model for gas permeability in micro/nano-porous mediaSabet, Safe; Barışık, Murat ; Mobedi, Moghtada; Beşkök, Ali
Jun-2016Interfacial thermal resistance between the graphene-coated copper and liquid waterPham, An T.; Barışık, Murat ; Kim, Bohung
2019Internal surface electric charge characterization of mesoporous silicaŞen, Tümcan; Barışık, Murat 
Jul-2017Investigation of liquid transport in micro and nanoscale porous media at different pore to throat size ratiosKalyoncu, Gülce
Jul-2021Investigations on nanoscale wetting, fluid transport, and droplet evaporation at nanostructured surfaces by molecular dynamics simulationsŞatıroğlu, Ezgi
Dec-2019Investigations on surface electric charge of silica nanoparticles with different surface roughnessesAlan, Büşra Öykü
1-Mar-2016Law of the nano-wall” in nano-channel gas flowsBarışık, Murat ; Beşkök, Ali
2021Local heat transfer control using liquid dielectrophoresis at graphene/water interfacesYenigün, Onur; Barışık, Murat 
Dec-2020Molecular dynamics studies on heat transfer control between water and silica using nanoscale surface patternsÖzen, Celal Can
Jul-2021Molecular dynamics studies on interface heat transfer control using electric fieldYenigün, Onur
Jul-2019Molecular dynamics studies on manipulation of surface wetting using nanoscale surface structuresÖzçelik, Hüseyin Gökberk