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2023Araçlarda enerji tüketimini azaltmak için ön cam buğu çözme ve buz çözme tasarımlarının incelenmesiEdiz, Fatih
2021Asymmetric Y-shaped micromixers with spherical mixing chamber for enhanced mixing efficiency and reduced flow impedanceÇetkin, Erdal ; Miguel, A. F.
Jan-2022Canopy-to-canopy liquid cooling for the thermal management of lithium-ion batteries, a constructal approachGüngör, Şahin; Çetkin, Erdal ; Lorente, Sylvie
2017Circular and semi-circular constructal vascular channels for cooling and reduced stressesÇetkin, Erdal 
2023Cold plate enabling air and liquid cooling simultaneously: Experimental study for battery pack thermal management and electronic coolingCoşkun, Turgay ; Çetkin, Erdal 
2022Computation time reduction of PCM melting process by changing modeling parametersDemirkıran, İsmail Gürkan; Çetkin, Erdal 
Jul-2020Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of latent heat storage in heat exchangers by using phase change materials (PCM)Demirkıran, İsmail Gürkan
2019Constructal branched micromixers with enhanced mixing efficiency: Slender design, sphere mixing chamber and obstaclesÇetkin, Erdal ; Miguel, Antonio F.
Aug-2017Constructal microdevice manifold design with uniform flow rate distribution by consideration of the tree-branching rule of Leonardo da Vinci and Hess-Murray ruleÇetkin, Erdal 
2015Constructal structures for self-cooling: Microvascular wavy and straight channelsÇetkin, Erdal 
Jan-2016Constructal structures with and without high-conductivity inserts for self-coolingÇetkin, Erdal 
Jan-2016Constructal tree-shaped designs for self-coolingYenigün, Onur; Çetkin, Erdal 
Nov-2015Constructal vascular structures with high-conductivity inserts for self-coolingÇetkin, Erdal 
Jan-2015Constructal vascularized structuresÇetkin, Erdal 
Dec-2021Design optimization of an industrial oven heat exchangerNergiz, Güven
2023Digital twin of electric vehicle battery systems: Comprehensive review of the use cases, requirements, and platformsNaseri, Farshid; Gil, S.; Barbu, C.; Çetkin, Erdal ; Yarımca, Gülşah; Jensen, A. C.; Larsen, P. G.; Gomes, Claudio
Dec-2017The effect of cavities and T-shaped assembly of fins on overall thermal resistancesÇetin, Eylem; Çetkin, Erdal 
Feb-2018The effect of cooling on mechanical and thermal stresses in vascular structuresÇetkin, Erdal 
Jul-2017The effect of T-shaped fin geometries on heat transfer rate enhancementÇetin, Eylem
2018The effect of time delay of fluid flow in a vascularized plateYenigün, Onur; Coşkun, Turgay ; Çetkin, Erdal