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Jul-2018Developing mobile, electronic and positioning applications for emergency situations inside the hospitalKeskin, Özge Sevin
Dec-2020Development of 3D printed spectroscopy ınstrumentation for medical applicationsKanlı, Ali İhsan
Dec-2018Development of micro-optical furnace with atmospheric control for research purposesKıvanç, Mehmet
Aug-2020Development of multi metal oxide photo-electrodes for energy applicationsÖzkahraman, Ecem Ezgi
Jul-2020Experimental analysis of inkjet printed multi metal oxide photoelectrodes for water splitting applicationsTekneci, Gülsüm Efsun
May-2018History of spectroscopy and modern micromachined disposable Si ATR-IR spectroscopyKoç, Mert; Karabudak, Engin 
2020Investigation of oxygen evolution reaction performance of silver doped Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-delta perovskite structureGöl, Emre Yusuf; Aytekin, Ahmet; Özkahraman, Ecem Ezgi; Karabudak, Engin 
2019Mini-review: "Ball-type phthalocyanines": Similarities and differences from mono phthalocyaninesGöl, Emre Yusuf; Karabudak, Engin 
2016The multiwavelength UV/Vis detector: New possibilities with an added spectral dimensionKarabudak, Engin ; Cölfen, Helmut
Dec-2017On the pathway of whole blood analysis by portable ATR-IR and chemometricsKoç, Mert
2016Simultaneous identification of spectral properties and sizes of multiple particles in solution with subnanometer resolutionKarabudak, Engin ; Brookes, Emre; Lesnyak, Vladimir; Gaponik, Nikolai; Eychmüller, Alexander; Walter, Johannes; Segets, Doris; Peukert, Wolfgang; Wohlleben, Wendel; Demeler, Borries; Cölfen, Helmut
Jul-2021Synthesis and characterization of aluminum doped to extend cathode life in li-ion batteriesTekin, Onur