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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2003The nearly-optimal Petrov-Galerkin method for convection-diffusion problemsNeslitürk, Ali İhsan; Harari, Isaac
Jan-2016Neat-flat modulesBüyükaşık, Engin ; Durğun, Yılmaz
Dec-2012A new Boson with a mass of 125 GeV observed with the CMS experiment at the large hadron colliderCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
2007New casimir energy calculationsAhmedov, Hadji; Duru, İsmail Hakkı
Aug-2009A new dynamical model of brainstorming: Linear, nonlinear, continuous (simultaneous) and impulsive (sequential) casesCoşkun, Hamit; Yılmaz, Oğuz 
2012New mathematical model for finding minimum vertex cut setBeşeri Sevim, Tina; Kutucu, Hakan; Berberler, Murat Erşen
2005The Newton-Wigner localization concept and noncommutative spaceMir-Kasimov, Rufat M.
2012Noetherian and Artinian latticesKeskin Tütüncü, Derya; Toksoy, Sultan Eylem; Tribak, Rachid
Aug-2014Nondegeneracy of the ground state for nonrelativistic Lee modelErman, Fatih ; Malkoç, Berkin; Turgut, Osman Teoman
Dec-2017Nonlinear integral equations for Bernoulli's free boundary value problem in three dimensionsIvanyshyn Yaman, Olha ; Kress, Rainer
Aug-2016Nonlinear schrödinger equations on the half-line with nonlinear boundary conditionsBatal, Ahmet ; Özsarı, Türker 
2021A note on points on algebraic setsÇam Çelik, Şermin; Göral, Haydar 
Sep-2010A note on the (G'/G)-expansion method againAslan, İsmail 
Jul-2018Nuclear modification factor of D0 mesons in PbPb collisions at sNN=5.02 TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
2021Numerical solution of a generalized boundary value problem for the modified Helmholtz equation in two dimensionsIvanyshyn Yaman, Olha ; Özdemir, Gazi
2013Observation of a new boson with mass near 125 GeV in pp collisions at ?=7 and 8 TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
Mar-2017Observation of charge-dependent azimuthal correlations in p-Pb collisions and its implication for the search for the chiral magnetic effectCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
Feb-2018Observation of correlated azimuthal anisotropy fourier harmonics in pp and p+Pb collisions at the LHCCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
Feb-2018Observation of electroweak production of same-sign W boson pairs in the two jet and two same-sign lepton final state in proton-proton collisions at s =13 TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
Sep-2018Observation of higgs boson decay to bottom quarksCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler