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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Earthquake conscious urban transformation and redevelopment:repercussions of Izmir radius project on Fikri Altay districtDurmaz, Sıdıka Bahar
2008Earthquake response of R/C frames with reinforced infill wallsYıldırım, Umut
2006The economic analysis of geothermal / absorption cooling of a hospital: Case study of Dokuz Eylül University Research and Application HospitalAltın, Mete
2003Economic assessment of Balçova-Narlıdere Geothermal District Heating SystemsErdoğmuş, Abdullah Berkan
2004Edge coloring of a graphBeşeri, Tina
2001An education environment for web based trainingKılınç, Hacı Hakan
Dec-2019Effect of aging electrolyte and organic coating type on the corrosion mechanism of tinplateYıldırım, Koray
2014The effect of architecture and molecular weight on cell uptake and intracellular distribution of poly (ethylene glycol)Özer, İmran
Dec-2017The effect of atmospheric gases on the electrical stability of grapheneKalkan, Sırrı Batuhan
1999The effect of car mass on (internal and external) safety with a case study on concept family carMızıkacı, Sinan
2012Effect of CO2 concentration and temperature on growth rate and lipid content of isochrysis galbanaUmdu, Sabrettin
2007Effect of colloidal interactions in the forming of lead magnesium niobate ceramicsDeliormanlı, Aylin M.
Dec-2015Effect of deep-frying on the quality parameters of vegetable oilsAvcı, Başak
2012The effect of doxorubicin-albumin magnetic nanoparticles on prostate and lung cancer cellsZeybek, Ayça
2006The effect of engineering criteria in the application of cooling system and air-condition system used in trade vehicles on industrial design criteriaKeshavarzi, Ferhan
Apr-2021Effect of fines content on CPT resistance in silty sandsArık, Mustafa Sezer 
Jul-2019The effect of glibenclamide in lipopolysaccharide stimulated brain microvascular endothelial cellsCihankaya, Hilal
Dec-2016Effect of harvest time, malaxation tempetature and olive variety on the chemical characteristics of olive oilsJolayemi, Olusola Samuel
2005Effect of heat absorbing media on thermal performance of air-type solar collectorsAydın, Kamil
2013Effect of high saline geothermal fluid on soil and surface water: A case study from Tuzla, Çanakkale-TurkeyKatırcıoğlu, Gamze