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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2021Optimisation of organic phase pre-neutralisation stage in purification studies with solvent extraction for MHP (mixed hydroxide precipitate) produced from Gördes laterite ore and investigation of its effect on extractionKaya, Ezgi
Dec-2021Optimization of buckling behavior of hybrid composite beam under axial compressionAltıntaş, Hayri
Dec-2021Optimum design and analysis of torsion spring used in series elastic actuators for rehabilitation robotsErten, Hacer İrem
Jul-2021Organisation of design cooperatives as a part of co-production movementsKerimi, Ayşıl Sara
Jul-2020Organosolv treatment for prebiotic oligosaccharide production from agro-food wasteTemelli, Nuran
Mar-2022Participatory design process in post-disaster housing production: The case of October 30, 2020 İzmir EarthquakeÇelik, Saniye Dilara
Dec-2021Perturbative and exact analysis of point interactionsAltınbaşak, Ezgi
Dec-2020Photophysical characterization of green and blue emitting quantum dots and their application in QD-LEDsÖzgüler, Şahika
Dec-2021Phytochemical studies on the mastic gum of Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia collected from Karaburun peninsula and bioactivities of isolatesDemir, Mehmet
Dec-2021A practical finite element model of tsadwa type semi-rigid connections for push-over analysis of steel frames in SAP2000Şeker, Öncel 
Dec-2020Predictive maintenance for smart industryAsadzade, Asad 
Jun-2021Preparation and characterization of drug loaded cationic albumin nanoparticlesSözer, Sümeyra Çiğdem 
Jul-2021Preparation and characterization of serum albumin nanoparticles obtained from modified bovine serum albuminÖzmen Egesoy, Tuğçe
Dec-2021Preparation of drug loaded albumin nanoparticles in water / ionic liquids microemulsion systemsYıldırım, Barış
Jul-2021Preparati̇on of Fe and Fe-Ni based molecularly imprinted polymer for solid phase extraction of salicylic acidBildik, Zeynep
Dec-2020Process parameters and mechanical properties of geopolymer glass foam structuresPolat, Dilan 
Oct-2021Processing and characterization of scandium added A356 cast alloyÖner, Cezmi
Dec-2020Professionals' awareness on the application and use of building integrated photovoltaic systemsTüten, Aysen 
Dec-2020Punching behavior of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete panelsNaseri, Jamalullah 
Jul-2021Quantitative phase analysis in lensless digital inline holographic microscopyDemir, Ali Aslan