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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015Identification of doxorubicin drug resistance mechanisms by using genomic techniquesDemir, Ayşe Banu
Jun-2018Identification of molecular resistance mechanisms against systemically used antifungal drugs, amphotericin B and caspofunginBalkan, Çiğdem
Dec-2017Immunohistochemical, biochemical and imaging-mass spectrometric analysis of brain tissues of mice with combined deficiencies of ß-hexosaminidase a, sialidase Neu4 and GM2-apTimur, Zehra Kevser 
Mar-2021Impact behavior of textile reinforced concrete slabsBatarlar, Baturay 
2010The impact of organizationaol learning on Turkish architectural design firms' performance: A structural equation model doctor of philosophyBarlak Öztürk, Gözde Başak
2007The impact of pedestrianization on residential property rental valuesCömertler, Seval
Jan-2021Improved image based localization using semantic descriptorsÇınaroğlu, İbrahim
Jul-2019Improvement of IT-SOFC by tailoring the microstructure of LSCF cathode and GDC electrolyteSındıraç, Can
2010In vitro bioactivity of the surface-treated Ti6A14V open cell foamsTürkan, Uğur
Jul-2019An in-depth study of nucleation and growth processes during Stöber silica synthesisSop, Elif Suna
Dec-2019Increasing stability of microbubbles under ultrasoundAyaz, İlyas Umur
2005Influence of urban geometry on public investment cost of urban technical infrastructure:a case study of sewer system in Aydın, TurkeyGökçen, Tankut
2007Information technologies and urban sapce acase study on Maslak, İstanbulGeçer, Feral 
2010Inhibition of microbial ß-glucuronidase by natural zeolites and their effects on cancer prevention in human intestinal systemsDemirbüker Kavak, Dilek 
Dec-2022Innovative food applications of novel multifunctional active edible gel fillings and coatingsBarış Kavur, Pelin
Jul-2021An inquiry into the construction of national memory in the republican period: Assembly Buildings of TurkeyTaraz, Nazlı 
2004Institutional use of information technologies in city planning agencies: implications from Turkish metropolitan municipalitiesVelibeyoğlu, Koray 
2006Instrumentalisation of natural science for the reconstruction of architectural konowledge: Lissitzky, Doesburg, Meyer, Teigeİnceköse, Ülkü 
2009Integrated approach to whey utilization through natural zeolite adsorption/ desorption and fermentationPolat, Zelal
2009Integrating case based reasoning and geographic information systems in a planing support system: Çeşme Peninsula studyÇınar, Ali Kemal