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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Effect of colloidal interactions in the forming of lead magnesium niobate ceramicsDeliormanlı, Aylin Müyesser 
Dec-2016Effect of harvest time, malaxation tempetature and olive variety on the chemical characteristics of olive oilsJolayemi, Olusola Samuel
2009The effect of microwaves on ion exchange in zeolitesAkdeniz, Yelda
2011Effect of urban geometry on pedestrian level wind velocityÇelik, Çelen Ayşe
2010The effects of diatom frustule filling on the quasi-static and high strain rate mechanical behavior of polymer matricesGültürk, Elif
Dec-2022Effects of electromagnetic fields on the performance of molecular communicationsTaşçı, Aslı
Jul-2018The effects of engineered silica nanoparticles on the cellular behaviours of human hepatocellular carcinoma cell linesTüncel Çerik, Özge
2008The effects of improvement plans on urban transformation process in illegal built up/squatter areas in Turkey: İzmir and Ankara casesEğercioğlu, Yakup
2010The effects of SiC particle addition on the foaming and mechanical behavior of aluminum closed-cell foams produced by foamming of powder compactsYüksel, Sinan
Dec-2021Electrochemical and oxygen/water permeation behavior of fluorinated siloxane copolymers synthesized via initiated chemical vapor depositionCihanoğlu, Gizem 
Jul-2019Electronic struture of organic molecules containing transition-metal atomsKandemir, Zafer 
Jul-2018Electronic, magnetic and optical properties of disordered graphene quantum dotsAltıntaş, Abdulmenaf
Dec-2020Electronic, magnetic and transport properties of graphene quantum dots with charged impuritiesPolat, Mustafa 
Jul-2017Electronic, magnetic, and mechanical properties of novel two dimensional monolayer materialsYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet 
Dec-2015Elucidation of boron stress signaling pathways in yeastUluışık, İrem
Jun-2017Elucidation of boron tolerance mechanisms in Puccinellia distans (Jacp.) Parl. using a transcriptomic approachÖztürk, Saniye Elvan
Dec-2020Engineering target tissue in lab-on-a-chip devices for predicting homing choices of metastatic cancerBatı Ayaz, Gizem
Dec-2016Enhancement and validation of current human genome annotation via novel proteogenomics algorithmsHas, Canan
2009Enhancement of thermal, electrical and optical properties of zinc oxide filled polymer matrix nano compositesÖzmıhçı, Filiz 
2010Enhancement of tribological properties of mineral oil by addition of sorbitan monostearate and borateAtakul Savrık, Sevdiye