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2013Adsorption of reformer off-gas on NaX zeolite and metal organic framework (mil53(AI)): Equilibria and kineticsGüneş Yerkesikli, Alev
2012Adsorptive characteristics of aflatoxin B1 in the presence of purified clinoptilolite rich mineral and lactobacillus plantarum S2Bulut Albayrak, Çisem
Jul-2023Advanced material characterization and modeling the foreign body impact damage initiation and progression of a laminated carbon compositeBayhan, Mesut
2009Advertising media and housing production: Gated communities of İstanbul in the post-2000sKan Ülkü, Gözde
Jul-2016Aerodynamic optimization of a transonic aero-engine fan moduleKor, Orçun
2011Against style: Re-reading "new architecture" in early republican period in Turkey (1931-1940)Dündar, Bilgen
Dec-2022An agent based model for exploring the effects of overconfidence on the winner's curse in construction projectsAldemir, Bora
Jul-2016Agro Food System transitions? Exploring alternative Agro Food Initiatives in Izmir, TurkeyKarakaya, Emel
Jul-2022Altmann linkage networks and light-shelf application with a single linkageAtarer, Fulya 
2002An analiytical approach to semi-private and semi-public spaces within the context of urban housing patternÖzgen, Elif Yeşim
Dec-2020Analysis and application of linearization technique for nonlinear problemsİmamoğlu Karabaş, Neslişah
2008Analysis and synthesis of parallel manipulatorsCan, Fatih Cemal
2012Analysis of the electromagnetic scattering from flat plates by using different sinc-type basis fuctions in method of momentsÖzbakış, Başak
2002Analysis of the interaction between theory and practice in urban planning: Understanding Izmir experienceKaya, Nursen 
Jun-2019Analysis of walkability measurement tools (WMTs)Paykoç, Eda
2004An analytical study of the design potentials in kinetic architectureKorkmaz, Koray 
Dec-2013Antimicrobial, antioxidant properties and chemical composition of some spices/herbsYavuzdurmaz, Hatice
Mar-2014Application of exergy analysis method to energy efficient building block designMert, Yelda
2013Applications of electrospun nanofibers in filtration processeHorzum Polat, Nesrin
Dec-2015Applications of mid-IR spectroscopy for identification of wine and olive yeasts and characterization of antimicrobial activities of phenolics on yeastsCanal, Canan