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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Sorption of N2, Co2 and CH4 On the ultrasound enhanced cation exchanged x zeolitesErten Kaya, Yasemin
2000A specaial transportation modelling approach for the disadvantaged groups in urban trafficDuvarcı, Yavuz 
Jul-2019Stability analysis and control of stochastic power systemsYılmaz, Serpil
Jun-2023Stability analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems with Lévy typeperturbationsTamcı, Ege
2012Stabilized finite element methods for time dependent convection-diffusion equationsBaysal, Onur
Jul-2023A strategy for disaster risk management regarding deliberate destruction of historic urban sites: Antakya, TurkiyeMamaklı, Fatma Sezgi
Jun-2018Structural and electronic properties of organic layers on AU(111)Kap, Özlem 
2012Structural and kinematic synthesis of overconstrained mechanismsSelvi, Özgün
Jun-2022Structural engineering of halide perovskites and their association with organics for optoelectronic applicationsYüce Çakır, Hürriyet 
Apr-2019Structural vulnerability of ancient dry masonry towers under lateral loadingGençer, Funda
2013Studies of gas-phase fragmentation mechanisms of peptide b ions by mass spectrometryAtik, Ahmet Emin
Dec-2016Studies on modified Newtonian dynamics and dark matterKarahan, Canan Nurhan
Dec-2022Studies toward the synthesis of novel 1,4-oxazepan-5-one and coumarin derivativesAkbaş, Tuğçe
Jul-2021A study on entangled photon pairs in graded-index optical fibersEkici, Çağın 
2011A study on number theoretic construction and prediction of two dimensional acoustic diffusers for architectural applicationsDöşemeciler, Ayşe
Dec-2022A survey on spatial effects of newcomer entrepreneurs in rural UrlaGüçü, İlker
2023Sustaining cultural memory in rural landscapes: Hara village, Fındıklı, Ri̇zeCengi̇z, Seda
2012Synthesis and characterization of calcium phosphate cement based macroporous scaffoldsŞahin, Erdem
Jul-2022Synthesis and characterization of novel organometallic-semicondutor nanocomposit photoelectrodesGöl, Yusuf Emre
2010Synthesis and characterization of star block copolymer for controlled drug deliveryAtikler Genç, Gözde