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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000A retrospective evaluation of space organization principles in architecture (building on Mimar Kemalettin Street in Izmir)Turan, Mine 
2000A specaial transportation modelling approach for the disadvantaged groups in urban trafficDuvarcı, Yavuz 
2001A methodology for geographical information systems based participatory decision making approachYiğitcanlar, Tan
2002An analiytical approach to semi-private and semi-public spaces within the context of urban housing patternÖzgen, Elif Yeşim
2002Analysis of the interaction between theory and practice in urban planning: Understanding Izmir experienceKaya, Nursen
2003Costruction of time conception in architectural realm, Sigfrifd Giedion and space, time and architectureGüner, Deniz
2003A critical view of sustainable architecture in Turkey: a proposal for the municipality of SeyrekDurmuş Arsan, Zeynep 
2003Evolution of trade centres in relation to changing trade activitiesBirol, Gaye
2004Institutional use of information technologies in city planning agencies: implications from Turkish metropolitan municipalitiesVelibeyoğlu, Koray 
2004Determination of the place concept in reproduction process of built environment: Kordon, I·zmir as a case studyYılmaz, Ebru 
2004An evaluation of conceptual transpareny in architecture of office buildings in Turkey after 1980Asımgil, Bedriye
2004An analytical study of the design potentials in kinetic architectureKorkmaz, Koray 
2004Reducing risk in 'preservation project management': Re-definition of the 'assessment phase'Özkut, Deniz
2005Influence of urban geometry on public investment cost of urban technical infrastructure:a case study of sewer system in Aydın, TurkeyGökçen, Tankut
2005An evaluation of interventions in architectural conservation:new exterior additions to historic buildingsYüceer, Hülya 
2005Using machine learning techniques for early cost prediction of structural systems of buildingsDoğan, Sevgi Zeynep 
2005Transformation of meaning of architectural space in cinema: The cases of "Gattaca" and "Truman show"Kutucu, Seçkin
2005Integrating renewable energy technologies into cities through urban planning: In the case of geothermal and wind energyPeker, Zeynep
2005A critial evaluation on the concept of justice in planning process-judicial oversight: The Balc¸ova and Narlıdere casesŞenol, Pervin
2006Resettlement of immigrants and planning in I·zmir during the Hamidian PeriodKiper, Nilgün