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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Effect of irrigation system on groundwater resources in Harran Plain (Southeastern Turkey)Özel, Nedret; Bozdağ, Şaziye; Baba, Alper 
Jun-2018Effect of polyamide-6,6 (PA 66) nonwoven veils on the mechanical performance of carbon fiber/epoxy compositesBeylergil, Bertan; Tanoğlu, Metin ; Aktaş, Engin 
2011Effect of process parameters on surface quality for wire saw cutting of alumina ceramicTeomete, Egemen
Oct-2018Effect of seismic wave velocity on the dynamic response of multi-story structures on elastic foundationHızal, Çağlayan ; Turan, Gürsoy 
Feb-2014The effect of soil mineralogy and pore fluid chemistry on the suction and swelling behavior of soilsPulat, Hasan Fırat; Yükselen Aksoy, Yeliz; Egeli, İsfendiyar
Aug-2020Effect of soil-type and fines content on liquefaction resistance—shear-wave velocity correlationEcemiş, Nurhan 
May-2013Effect of sustained flexural loading on self-healing of engineered cementitious compositesÖzbay, Erdogan; Şahmaran, Mustafa; Yücel, Hasan Erhan; Erdem, Tahir Kemal ; Lachemi, Mohamed; Li, Victor C.
Dec-2018Effect of the armor crest freeboard relative to the crown wall freeboard on wave overtopping for simple rubble mound slopesÖzbahçeci, Bergüzar ; Bilyay, Engin
2017Effect of urbanization on groundwater resources of Izmir cityBaba, Alper ; Yazdani, Hamidreza
30-Jan-2015Effect of various supplementary cementitious materials on rheological properties of self-consolidating concreteSaleh Ahari, Reza; Erdem, Tahir Kemal ; Ramyar, Kambiz
2009Effect of water source on human health: A case study from Biga Peninsula, TurkeyBaba, Alper ; Gündüz, Orhan 
2013Effects of basin activities and land use on water quality trends in Tahtali Basin, TurkeyElçi, Şebnem ; Selçuk, Pelin
2009Effects of selective withdrawal on hydrodynamics of a stratified reservoirÇalışkan, Anıl; Elçi, Şebnem 
Jan-2009Effects of shear mechanisms on impact behavior of reinforced concrete beamsSaatçi, Selçuk ; Vecchio, Frank J.
Aug-2008Effects of thermal stratification and mixing on reservoir water qualityElçi, Şebnem 
May-2017Empirical sediment transport models based on indoor rainfall simulator and erosion flume experimental dataAksoy, Hafzullah; Eriş, Ebru; Tayfur, Gökmen 
Jan-2019Energy dissipation and performance assessment of double damped outriggers in tall buildings under strong earthquakesMorales-Beltran, Mauricio; Turan, Gürsoy ; Dursun, Onur; Nijsse, Rob
Sep-2017Enhancement of interlaminar fracture toughness of carbon fiber–epoxy composites using polyamide-6,6 electrospun nanofibersBeylergil, Bertan; Tanoğlu, Metin ; Aktaş, Engin 
2012Estimation of mechanical properties of limestone using regression analyses and ANNTeomete, Egemen; Tayfur, Gökmen ; Aktaş, Engin 
Jan-2009Estimation of suspended sediment concentration in rivers using acoustic methodsElçi, Şebnem ; Aydın, Ramazan; Work, Paul A.