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2023Bacterial mirobiota and chemical properties of Turkish tarhanaErsoy Ömeroğlu, Esra; Can, Özge ; Temiz, Sevval Nur; Al, Rabia; Altunbas, Osman; Soyucok, Ali; Yurt, Mediha Nur Zafer
2012Bioethanol production from fungal sources using low-cost agro-industrial waste productsEvcan, Ezgi 
2007Determination of aroma compounds and exopolysaccharides formation by lactic acid bacteri isolated from traditional yogurtsÇelik, Elif Sinem
2008Determination of whey-based medium requirements and growth characteristics for the production of yoghurt starter culturesSoydemir, Elçin
2006Effect of the morphology of aspergillus sojae on pectinase enzyme and the optimization of fermentation conditionsGöğüş, Nihan
2002Effects of trace elements on the production of baker's yeastÜzelyalçın, Berna
2023Enhanced production of 3-phenyllactic acid from novel non-axenic coculture: adaptive evolution and statistical fermentation studiesMeruvu, Haritha
Aug-2011Enhanced production of exo-polygalacturonase from agro-based products by Aspergillus sojaeBüyükkileci, Ali Oğuz ; Tarı, Canan ; Fernandez-Lahore, Marcello
2009Integrated approach to whey utilization through natural zeolite adsorption/ desorption and fermentationPolat, Zelal
2007Investigation of the effects of dissolved oxygen concentration, aeration and agitation on the morphology and rheology in submerged fungal fermentationÖncü, Şelale
2002L[+]-lactic acid purification from fermentation broth using ion exchange resinsPolat, Zelal
2005Lactic acid production by Lactobacillus casei NRRL B-441 immobilized in chitosan stabilized Ca-alginate beadsGündüz, Meltem
2008Phylogenetic analysis of bacterial communities in kefir by metagenomicsÜnsal, Burcu
2023Potential of lactic acid bacteria to produce functional fermented whey with putative antihypertensive properties : Enrichment ofangiotensin–i converting enzyme (ace)– inhibitory peptides and gamma–aminobutyric acid (gaba)Ağırbaşlı, Zeynep
2007Production of B-galactosidase using lactic acid bacteria and optimisation of fermentation paramettersÜstok, Fatma Işık
2022Redefining methods for augmenting lactic acid bacteria robustness and phenyllactic acid biocatalysis: Integration valorizes simplicityMeruvu, Haritha
Jul-2021Succinic acid production from lignocellulosic biomass by Actinobacillus succinogenesKaranfil, Gülperi