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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Experimental and numerical investigation of the quasi-static and high strain rate crushing behavior of single and multi-layer zig-zag 1050 H14 Al trapezoidal corrugated core sandwich structuresKılıçaslan, Cenk
Jan-2015An experimental and numerical study on effects of pore to throat size ratio on macroscopic transport parameters in porous mediaÖzgümüş, Türküler
2012An experimental and numerical study on heat and mass transfer in adsorbent bed of an adsorption heat pumpGediz İliş, Gamze
Jul-2017An experimental and numerical study on interfacial convective heat transfer coefficient and thermal dispersion conductivity of a periodic porous medium under mixed convection heat transferÇelik, Hasan
Jul-2020Experimental and theoretical investigation of functionalized perovskitesÖzen, Sercan
2008An experimental and theoretical study on the improvement of adsorption heat pump performanceDemir, Hasan 
Aug-2019An experimental investigation into the effects of high thermal mass on building performanceKarataş, Özgür
Jul-2018Experimental investigation of a combi boiler heat exchangerKara, Mehmet
Nov-2015Experimental investigation of GDI injectoerAbuzahra, Fakhry
2009Experimental investigation of heat and fluid flow in an actuated impinging jet flowBilgin, Necati
2002An experimental investigation of the parameters to classify wind sitesTürkeli, Hayri Murat
2013Experimental performance investigation and variable speed compressor implementation of a household refrigeratorAğakay, Veysel Egemen
Jul-2020Experimental spray investigation of methyl ester and ethyl ester type biodiesel fuels in a constant volume combustion chamberUlu, Anılcan
Dec-2021Experimental study of sheet pile retaining walls with granulated rubber reinforced backfillKhlaif, Ali Hamid Khlaif 
2012An experimental study on enhancement of heat transfer in a solar air heater collector by using porous mediumMaraba, Gizem
2009Experimental study on improving local buckling behavior of steel plates strengthened with glass fiber reinforced polymersGüven, Can Ali
2011Exploiting fragment-ion complementarity for peptide de novo sequencing from collision induced dissociation tandem mass spectraAytun, Belgin
May-2016Exploiting second harmonic generation for microelectronics interface characterizationSoylu, Gizem
Dec-2015Exploring adoption of smart glasses: Applications in medical industryGöken, Müge
2010Exploring critical success factors for partnering in architectural design processKılıç, Pınar